Mozambique is HOT HOT HOT right now. While we’ve always considered Mozambique one of Africa’s best-kept secrets, it looks like the secret might be out.

If you’re thinking about spending some time on the warm, Indian Ocean coast pre- or post-safari in Africa, read on.

Over the past few years, several intimate, exclusive properties have been developed up and down the lengthy coast. Our very own Sarah Fazendin has spent a great deal of time in Mozambique over the past decade.

Here’s why she’s excited about Mozambique – more than ever – in 2016.

Exotic and Unique History

Mozambique’s history evolved from a unique combination of African, Arabic thanks to the Indian Ocean spice trade, and Portuguese during colonial times. And this rich and unique history is on display nowhere better than Ibo Island.


Sarah’s first hand account of Ibo Island and the charming Ibo Island lodge here.


Much of Mozambique’s Indian Ocean coast, including the Benguerra and Bazaruto archipelagos, is dedicated marine conservation areas. With over 180 species of coral and more than 400 types of reef fish, Mozambique has long been popular with divers from around the world.

For example, Vamizi – pictured above, one of our favorite luxury properties in Mozambique, includes a marine sanctuary, which covers most of the eastern side of the island, extending almost two miles out to sea.

For our family travelers looking for some quality beach time, we love Villa Santorini. From child-sized stand up paddleboards to baking with the chef in the villa’s kitchen, this is a great place to get to know Mozambique while relaxing in style.

Wildlife on the Rise

After years of devastation as a result of the country’s civil war as well as more recent skirmishes, Gorongosa National Park finally seems to be set for recovery. Just a few years ago, Edward O Wilson, one of the world’s leading biologists, described Gorongosa as “ecologically, the most diverse park in the world”.

With robust herds of elephant and an astounding concentration of plains game, the park really does look like the Garden of Eden. And with 400 staff, 97 per cent of which are local and with an emphasis on training women, Gorongosa’s recovery is about people as well as wildlife.

Easy Access

Mozambique is easy to combine with most Southern Africa destinations. With direct flights from Johannesburg and Cape Town, getting here is easy. We’ve even heard that Qatar Air is soon to introduce a directly from from Doha to Maputo, making it an easier international connection as well.

If you’re planning a Southern Africa safari in 2016, and interested in adding on an exotic beach experience at the end, please contact us today to get started planning!