Propose abroad

Planning to pop the question on your next travels?

Great idea.

When you are traveling together, you are trying new activities, sharing new experiences, and building memories that will last long into your potential marriage. As a side bonus, many destinations are extremely romantic, with a unique ambiance that will add to this special, once in a lifetime occasion. Make the most of it with these 10 tips:

  1. Pick the perfect destination. Is your special someone outdoorsy? Consider a beautiful waterfall such as Victoria Falls, where there are many activities on offer, including stunning sunrise and sunset views of the Zambezi, helicopter flights, and more. An adventure enthusiast? Consider a gorilla trekking adventure. Perhaps your sweetheart is a traditional romantic? A luxury beach resort is more her style. Wherever you choose, it should exude romance.
  2. Personalize the proposal. You know your beloved best, and you want the proposal to show that you love her and get her and know what will be most meaningful. Unsure how to? Our Travel Designers have lots of wonderful experience to help you out.
  3. Enlist help. If you let your travel designer know your plans ahead of time, they will be able to suggest the best places in your itinerary to propose, and staff at the camp or hotel are happy to assist you in making the moment memorable.
  4. Mind where you pack the ring, and make sure it is not in a place where anyone is likely to find it before you go down to one knee.
  5. Likewise, make sure the ring is in your carry-on luggage when you arrive at the airport, and not in your pocket. Otherwise, you will spoil the surprise when you have to empty your pockets at security.propose abroad
  6. Make sure to keep the ring safe during the proposal– countless stories abound of people who have “hidden” rings in the sand, in food, or in other places, and have been unable to find it, or who have had the moment compromised by not having the ring right there… Play it safe and keep the ring safe and on your person.
  7. Be sure to get all ring insurance in order before you go. That will protect you if the ring is lost.
  8. Act normal. Easier said than done, certainly, but the moment will be that much more impactful if you can keep yourself from acting nervous and giving away the surprise.
  9. Prepare to celebrate! If you walked somewhere, make sure that you pack some bubbly (or whatever her favorite drink is) so that you can cheers together and enjoy the moment.
  10. Work with your travel designer to arrange for extra surprises when you return to your room- such as a private bush dinner, flowers in a hotel room, or a surprise boat cruise. You will be amazed at what our travel designers come up with!

Ring photo courtesy of Brilliant Earth