“Adventure is worthwhile in itself” – Amelia Earhart

Adventure is about seeking new experiences, opening your eyes to see the world through fresh perspectives, and growing as a person along the way. Adventure is what feeds our dreams, revitalizes our spirits, and strengthens our connections to the ones we love – whether by exploring breathtaking new locations together, or returning home after time away.

The best travel experiences allow you to have the best of adventure with breathtaking wildlife, unique cultural experiences, and free, wild places without sacrificing your comfort- the place where luxury and adventure meet.


“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury” –Coco Chanel

First, decide what you want: Have you dreamed of spending time with the nomadic Himba people in the vast deserts of Namibia? Are you itching to explore the heights of the Ecuadorian Andes or witness the incredible wildlife of the Galapagos with a top-notch naturalist guide? How about watching hundreds of elephants come for a drink as you relax on a boat in the water nearby? Or maybe you fancy a hot air balloon ride over the sprawling Serengeti plains?


Next, plan with a company who has insider access to prime locations around the world with safe, luxurious camps situated so you get the experiences you’ve always dreamt of. And, most important, a tour operator who works with only the highest quality guides so you’re cared for by the best at every step of your journey.

And don’t forget those special touches of extra luxury – elegant bush dinners specially catered under the setting sun, special shopping excursions into local markets for unique, handmade goods and crafts, or pure relaxation at the spa between exhilarating activities.


When you work with Rothschild Safaris, you have the best tour operators in the business fully customizing your trip around your specific preferences, dreams, travel dates and more. We pride ourselves on making every journey take place where luxury meets adventure, and we can’t wait to speak with you about your next trip!