Marcia, Linda, Carol, and Carol recently returned from a safari to Kenya and Tanzania.

What was your most memorable experience?

Impossible to select just one. The game drives were amazing. We saw such a wide variety of animals, in many different settings, and enjoyed watching them interact with their own and other species. The hot air balloon ride was also a unique and very memorable experience, offering a wonderful “eye-in-the-sky” perspective.

What was the biggest surprise?

The marvelous amenities, gracious and friendly staff, amazingly knowledgeable guides, and truly spectacular food at all the camps. Little Chem Chem was our favorite, but they were all very special experiences.

What advice you would give to other travelers?

Be prepared for some very bumpy – and sometimes dusty – riding on the game drives. Travelers in their 60s and older (as we are), should be aware that the extensive travelling can be draining.

Who would you recommend this trip to?

Everyone we know who is interested in adventure travel and loves animals. We saw every creature we could possibly have dreamed of, and then some! It was thrilling to see all those magnificent and marvelous animals in their native habitat, and certainly East Africa is one of the best opportunities anywhere in the world to see such a stunning diversity. We were also especially surprised and delighted by all the unique and beautiful birds we saw. That was an unexpected treat!