Here's to the past

Like a Safari, a vow renewal is always a good idea! And combining the two might just be the best idea ever.

Let’s explain.

No Nuisance

Unlike a legal marriage, vow renewals require no legalities or many other vexations. It is one of the very few celebrations where people can choose to make merry pretty much any way they wish.

What Not to Wear

You can let your imagination run wild. Wear your original dress. Go barefoot if your first wedding was very formal, or buy the biggest meringue in the world—because the world loves to love and in this one instance will absolutely indulge you.

The Guest List

It is perfectly acceptable to elope! Or bring the entire family… or, leave all the family at home and only invite friends. Honestly. Any combination that works for you is wonderful.

Our Favourite Vow Renewal Fact:

You can organize your party anywhere in the world.

And we think the most spectacular destination, without a doubt, is

On the Very Edge of the World’s Biggest Waterfall!

During the months of the year when the Falls are not in full flow it is possible to travel to Livingstone Island (from where David Livingstone first saw the Falls). On the island, you can have a blessing in the middle of Victoria Falls.

Here we will arrange for expert celebration planners to work with you to plan the perfect day. From your flowers to the cake, gifts for your guests (the Island is a World Heritage site and no more than 24 people are allowed on it at any time), a professional photographer and local entertainment… everything arrives and departs by boat.

And for the Happily Ever After…

Following your ceremony, you will also be perfectly placed to enjoy the adventures around Victoria Falls or travel to East or Southern Africa.

Some things are simply worth saying twice.

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