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  1. Do use a sensational Travel Designer to plan your African Honeymoon

There are so many variables to any holiday, but Africa might be in her own class as far as nuisance and mischief go. You really want nothing to slip through the cracks during your honeymoon and apart from making sure everything runs smoothly your Travel Designer will also have priceless insider knowledge: The special surprise dinner venue that has to be pre-booked. The upgrade that may be available for a special occasion. And many, many other lovely experiences you do not want to miss out on.

  1. Don’t wait

The best properties in Africa tend to be very intimate. This means they fill up quickly. And all the wonders of the continent are not available year round… So, if you always wanted to experience the migration, want the best time to spot Gorillas or dream of seeing Victoria Falls in full flow timing is very important.

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  1. Do Compromise

Don’t be discouraged from coming to Africa if your preferences are wildly divergent. A Safari can start in incredibly civilized Cape Town before moving on to the wildest bushveld. Accommodation also varies greatly throughout Africa – luxury Safaris are just that… or you can choose barefoot, stripped back beauty in eco-lodges.

  1. Don’t be Unrealistic

A Safari can be time and energy consuming. Traveling between camps or countries in Africa can easily take up an entire day. If you know you will need more downtime after all the excitement of planning and attending your wedding you should make sure your Safari gives you enough time in every destination to relax.

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  1. Do be Culturally Savvy

Read about the countries you will visit. The more you understand about new cultures the better you will appreciate all their nuances. A top tip is learning to say hello and/ or thank you in the language of the countries on your tour. People appreciate that small effort incredibly.

  1. Don’t forget your Documentation

Many of the special offers for honeymooners are only available if you can produce proof of your wedding day. Do carry it with you.

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  1. Do know your Souvenirs

Do some more research! There are many beautiful, meaningful and precious souvenirs that you can buy to remind you of your honeymoon in Africa. There are also many badly made, knockoff, tourist tatt out there. Ethically sourced, handcrafted pieces can be an investment that will last as long as your memories.

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