The Benefits of Working with a Female Travel Designer

People often comment about Rothschild being a predominantly female company and wonder why this is. We jokingly respond it’s because no man can keep up with this many women on a daily basis.

All jokes aside, this is something that naturally seemed to evolve when it came to hiring as my number one priority for anyone that wants to join the team is that they have acute attention to detail and impeccable multitasking skills – both of which seem to typically lend themselves more naturally to women. These characteristics are so important to us here at Rothschild, because whilst we may have the same turnover as other much larger organizations, we are a small, familial company and only able to operate at our current capacity due to the incredible workforce we have.

Female Travel Designer
Girls just wanna have fun! Tirelessly undertaking some ‘research’ with Travel Designer Ruthie Detwiler.

As female travel professionals, we aren’t concerned with the commercial aspects of our clients’ booking; we aim only to handcraft the experience they dream of. We listen to you, understand your wishes, implement our acute knowledge of your desired destinations and adventures and create the very best vacation experience we can for you.

This attention to detail is all-pervasive. From the locations we take you to, to the venues and accommodations we reserve; from the seasons we recommend for your vacation to the botanical bathroom supplies provided in your hotel room – your female Travel Designers are aware of every finite nuance of all that you are soon to discover.

With our extensive network of affiliates, connections, and friends, we can implement a precisely constructed itinerary that allows us to ensure that every transfer, every booking, and every complication is accounted for and professionally addressed. When the unexpected occurs, as it sometimes can, we know the right phone numbers to dial, the best processes to take, and the ideal solutions to get your vacation running smoothly again in no time at all.

However, though these practicalities are necessary and the foundation of all we do, our team of female travel designers also understands that these are not the details you wish to be burdened with. These necessities may very well create a vacation, but they don’t make memories. For that, you need a feminine touch.

Likewise, we appreciate that a vacation is not merely a temporary physical relocation, it is a journey of the mind and the emotions. We concern ourselves as much with where you will be traveling as how you will be feeling.

As Rothschild Safaris Travel Designer Kim Killick clarifies: “Women are typically compassionate and understanding of what people are looking for and hoping to experience, and consequently we like to convey that emotion in their trips, ensuring they have experiences of a lifetime.

“Being empathetic to individual situations has also helped us navigate clients and their travels during the pandemic.”

Female Travel Designer
(L-R) Kim Killick, Leora Rothschild, Ruthie Detwiler

The pandemic has raised a raft of unprecedented challenges, and the subsequent myriad questions and concerns of our clients. Though we have complete confidence in the systems and considerations we have implemented, we appreciate the consternation that this contemporary challenge has instigated, and rightfully so.

With many of our team being mothers, it is their instinct to worry about the wellbeing of those around them, so we acutely recognize the need for assurance and validation that all necessary processes have been considered and fulfilled for your health and safety. And this doesn’t merely apply to COVID-related matters. The security of your personal property, the professionalism and reputation of staff, even your access to clean water, medical supplies and other necessities all become part of our consummate planning exercise.

Female Travel Designer
(L-R): Travel Designers Ruthie Detwiler, Kim Killick and I. We always have plenty of fun on our travels, but it is always with an acute sense of then being able to pass these wonderful experiences on to our clients.

And then there are the finer touches that others may overlook. The quality of linen, the fresh flowers in your room, and not merely the chocolate placed upon your pillow at nightfall, but the ingredients of that chocolate according to your dietary requirements. Such is this perspicacious attention to detail that on one occasion, a guest refused their pillow-adorning chocolate due to their diabetes. “Don’t worry”, assured staff, “we ordered diabetic-friendly chocolates in advance, just for you.”

To travel is an investment. And as with any other large investment in life, we often need assurance; assurance that we are making the correct decisions, assurance that we will be well cared for throughout our journey, and assurance above all that we are seen, heard, and understood. It isn’t paranoia or trepidation that instigate this need for affirmation, rather a desire to ensure that our vacation will be the very best it can be, that we can simply enjoy every moment completely, rather than needing to concern ourselves with the minutiae of travel.

It is our prerogative to instil absolute confidence, for everyone. Yet as a team of mostly female travel professionals we also recognize this particular need of our female clients and will take all the time necessary to dispel any concern that may arise.

Female Travel Designer

Many will be surprised to know that we now actually have several male employees who have joined Rothschild in the past year and whilst this may have changed our statistics on paper, we are still very proud of being a female-owned and managed company.

And most importantly of all, through many of our affiliates and with the enthusiasm and generosity of our guests, we actively support numerous causes worldwide that empower, assist and educate women to be independent, self-supporting, and, above all, safe and healthy.

Your Team of Female Travel Designers:

Female Travel Designer
Leora Rothschild
Female Travel Designer
Ruthie Detwiler
Female Travel Designer
Pam Longhoff
Female Travel Designer
Viji Krishna (center)
Female Travel Designer
Kim Killick (left)
Female Travel Designer
Regional Operations Manager, Angela Pretorius (left)
Female Travel Designer
Operations Manager, Jessica Faith
Female Travel Designer
Client Manager, Meggan Woody