The Great Migration always conjures up the wildest, raw and extravagant show Africa has to offer.

And for a continent that makes much of its living out of being wild and raw and extravagant, this is saying something.

Many people dream of a Migration safari but the reality is quite a bit more complicated than the dreamy footage of the height of the wildebeest migration might have you believe.

There are many questions to answer before you can pack your bags for your seat alongside Africa’s Serengeti-Mara Migration.

Our travelers want to know

Which country to go to… and which part of the country is best?


When is the great migration in Kenya? When does the Serengeti migration happen?


What to expect from a wildebeest migration during different months of the year?

Experiencing the Great Migration in Africa can all be quite a tricky business for the uninitiated.

We know that the wildebeest migration is always dependent on the rains and the whims of all the different herds. This doesn’t make it an easy phenomenon to predict… but the fact that we have been doing this for over two decades definitely means our safari designers will make the most of your time in Africa and put you in the very best spot to see the great migration in a way that suits your needs.

Our Great Migration Safari covers all the bases and includes Giraffe Manor and the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust elephant orphanage with a wide range of activity choices.

As every one of our Safaris is bespoke, this itinerary is merely a suggestion – but it will give you an idea of the wonders you can expect when you journey to see the migration which is known as the eighth wonder of the world!

To help you understand how the landscape changes as the Great Migration moves endlessly along its path we have put together a handy little guide for you:

Please do remember that our recommendations are constantly changing. We travel out to all the camps on a very regular basis and we are constantly reconsidering our endorsements based on ownership, management and natural changes to areas and properties.