It is time to plan your Safari.

Start with these six steps, then make sure you can tick everything on our checklist.

This is what you want to read if you have questions about how the process will work, what to expect as you go from thinking of a Safari to booking your Safari. Your Travel Designer will send you more information once your booking has been made and your destinations have been confirmed. A Packing list and a Book suggestion list specific to your travels… you will have support every step of the way – but we know that it can be helpful to glimpse the end of the road and understand how it will all work and know which aspects of your travel need to be addressed well before you zip up the last bag and leave for the airport.

1. In the Starting Blocks

There are a couple of questions you need to consider before you begin planning your Safari.

When can you travel?

Who will you travel with?

If it is your first trip to Africa our fun questionnaire may help you position yourself within the Safari milieu (and you can submit your answers directly to us).

Your replies will narrow down your destination options from a wide range of possible countries and locations.

2. Take action

Now you are ready to contact us online, by picking up the phone or by sending an email.

3. What to Expect

We will handpick a Travel Designer specializing in the regions you can travel to.

This Travel Designer will be dedicated to you and your trip.

Prepare for an initial call (that may last an hour) during which time your Travel Designer will discuss all your dreams, wishes and options with you. This information will narrow down ideas for your Safari itinerary.

4. The Next Step

Your Travel Designer is now ready to prepare an itinerary for your consideration. While we have a wide range of itineraries to inspire you your own Safari will be custom designed to suit you personally. From your budget to your cultural, religious and dietary requirements.

5. A Rothschild Safaris Itinerary Match

Once we have your initial approval of an itinerary your Travel Designer will ensure that every detail along the way is slotted perfectly into position. We consider temperature, transfer times and all your needs and wishes. Once you have signed off on your ideal itinerary we may add a couple of little extra touches to surprise you along the way.

6. Until you leave… and after your return

We will be there for you with weekly inspiration and right on the other side of the phone when you need a chat.

While you are on Safari our agents on the ground will follow your journey and we will make sure that every activity and transfer proceeds swimmingly.

Going on Safari!

Your Master Checklist

Luggage essentials

✅ Do heed luggage restrictions especially if you have internal flights in light aircraft somewhere along the way on your Safari.

✅ Luggage that goes in small aircraft must have soft sides… but you will not be able to check any irregular shaped luggage at Johannesburg’s OR Tambo International Airport.

✅ Consider leaving any valuables you do not need at home and do take out insurance for property lost.

Packing essentials

✅ A great sun hat.

✅ Sunglasses with good UV protection.

✅ A cotton scarf

✅ Neutral, light clothes that will dry quickly (consider long sleeves and trousers with sun and insect protection.)

✅ Do bring rain protection and something warm for cooler evenings and mornings.

✅ Great shoes for walking

✅ Consult our packing lists for a complete breakdown

Medical essentials

✅ Book an early visit to your travel doctor for expert advice regarding prophylaxis or vaccinations needed as well as the first aid you are planning to bring on Safari with you.

✅ Personal medication with prescriptions (please check individual restrictions on medications for every country you will visit)

✅ Re-hydration salts,

✅ 30 + sun-screen cream and lip protection,

✅ Moisturizing cream or gel and Aloe Vera.

✅ Anti-histamine tablets and cream for bites and stings,

✅ Biodegradable Wipes.

 Personal Equipment

✅ Multi-plugs and converters for charging any electronic equipment you plan to bring.

✅ Double the memory cards you think you will need.

✅ Spare batteries and your charging devices.

✅ Binoculars


✅ Major currencies (USD, GBP, and Euro) are accepted in many places throughout Africa (do bring new USD notes)

✅ ATM’s may be available but have limits for withdrawals and they will not work when the power is off.

✅ Check tipping guidelines to help you navigate this sensitive issue.

✅ If donations and sponsorships are part of your Safari plan there may be lists of needed items and other information available for charities and not-for-profit organizations in the areas you will visit.

Travel Documents

✅ Check your passport early (making sure you have clear pages and that your passport won’t expire within six months of your travel dates)

✅ Ensure you have all the correct visas.

✅ Keep emergency phone numbers in one easily accessible place

✅ Make copies of your passport, visas, insurance policy (with comprehensive insurance for every activity you think of doing), vaccination certificates and itinerary and leave one set at home and bring another set on holiday with you.