Sleep out under the stars — the wildest experience the South Luangwa has to offer!

The ultimate wilderness experience. Sleep out under the stars in the spectacular and extremely remote Luwi dry river bed with just a bedroll and a mossie net, not even a tent! Experience the thrill of the first safari pioneers, including Norman Carr himself, as they discovered the wonders of the South Luangwa.

Only for the most adventurous of spirit this overnight safari is led by our top guide and scout team. Between them they have over 50 years’ experience in the bush!

Guests venture from the remotest bushcamp on foot in the mid-afternoon, find a spot to camp, make the campfire for a game rangers dinner which they help to cook themselves. Then, having shared adventure stories around the fire, sleep out under the magnificent African sky whilst the guide and scout keep watch till morning!

Up to four guests can enjoy this amazing experience. There is a surcharge on the nightly rate as we reserve a camp room just in case of a last minute change of heart!