Day 4: Axum

This morning I was met by my guide and transferred to the airport for my flight to Axum, departing at 7:00am.  Known for its obelisks, temples and churches, what Axum is most famous for is the St. Mary Church of Zion.  It is believe this church houses the Biblical Ark of the Covenant containing the original inscribed Ten Commandments.

Another major Aksumite attraction are the stele obelisk monuments, the largest number of which lie in Northern Stele Park. The Great Stele, approximately 33-meters high is believed to have fallen and broken during construction. The tallest standing today is. the 24-meters.

After a long day immersing myself in Axun’s culture and tradition, I found myself mesmerized  by the countries strong beliefs and faith, not only with religion, but with their way of life.