It is our passion to find the best and the latest adventures to complement your Safari.

And we are particularly good at figuring out what you are looking for.

Because we understand that adventure means different things to different people… and travel often stretches the boundaries of our self-image. On a trip, we sometimes become people other than who we are at home…we adopt a different attitude, we take more risk, we embrace our adventurous selves.

Most people enjoy a challenge that is exciting and new to them (or doing an activity they love in a new country). All these new activities lead to new thoughts and a new understanding of ourselves, other peoples and customs.

Shall we inspire you to step out of your comfort zone, to find your adventurous self? We have an exhilarating menu of adventures for you to choose from. Whatever your Adventure Personality.

Feel Alive on Safari


We have to begin in the adventure center of the continent. The point where:

Victoria Falls straddles Zimbabwe and Zambia

and all your adrenaline needs can be satisfied.

Take a microlight flight over the Falls. (Or a helicopter if you are a little less brave or the wind is a little more strong)

Go bungee jumping or white water rafting in what is considered by many to be the world’s wildest white water run with class 4/5 rapids.


Take a mokoro trip down the Okavango Delta and if you are visiting between April and October you can float away over the delta in a Hot Air Balloon.


Many equate diving in the Red Sea with swimming in a very well stocked aquarium.


Explore the hottest place on earth. The Danakil Depression is an endless landscape of lava lakes, hydrothermal fields of every color and endless salt pans.


There is so much to choose from. You might consider paragliding in Eldoret or go kitesurfing along the coast. One of our favorite adventure activities in Kenya is a horseback Safari close to Amboseli, Masai Mara, Chyulu Hills or even Laikipia. Multi-day walking safaris in Loita Hills (near Mara) or in Laikipia are another great addition to an East African Safari.


Trek the rainforests, waterfalls, crater lakes and Limestone tsingy rocks of Northern Madagascar


Camel Riding in the Sahara Desert followed by a Berber dinner and sleeping out under the stars.


Trekking in the virtually untouched Maputo Elephant Reserve


Sleep under the stars in Spitzkoppe surrounded by 120 million-year-old granite.


Trek mountain gorillas in the accessible Volcanoes National Park to spend an hour with the gentle giants of the forests.


Island hop, snorkel, surf and generally have a ball in Seychelles

South Africa

Go Paragliding over Cape Town and climb Lions Head for an unforgettable sunrise or sunset. You can also abseil the famous Table Mountain.

A little further north you may sleep out in a tree house under the stars in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve.


Float over the Serengeti in a hot-air balloon

Trek the Chimpanzee on the shores of Lake Tanganyika

Climb Kilimanjaro!


Go walking in the South Luangwa and get up close and personal with the wildlife big and small.

South America runs the full spectrum of fate-tempting adventures.

Bolivia lays claim to an actual death road on the one extreme of the spectrum but we tend to suggest choosing one of the other available adrenaline highs.

Amazon Adventure

The rainforest stretches alongside eight countries in South America. If you explore Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Suriname or Venezuela you can visit the most bio-diverse spot on the planet.

Once inside the Amazon, you can camp, climb into the canopy, canoe and kayak, take river cruises, go fishing for piranha or simply hike through the incredible beauty taking in the wildlife, birds, medicinal plants, indigenous communities and shamans.


Go whitewater rafting on the wild Mendoza river (Class III and IV) rapids.


Hike to the Lost City or Ciudad Perdida on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. There are many river crossings (opportunities to swim and cool down) and a decent fitness level is required to make this trek possible.


Climb the peaks of the ‘Avenue of the Volcanoes” There are many volcanoes to choose from but you may prefer the technical climb to the summit of El Altar.

Or challenge yourself and climb Antisana

Take it easy with Cayambe

Hit the much-loved trails leading up the popular Cotopaxi.

And if you love the Guinness Book of Records you can conquer Chimborazo which offers the highest point in Ecuador… and is also the furthest point from the center of our earth.


Snorkel in the crystal clear water to witness the incredible variety of marine life in this corner of the world.


Explore the Beagle Channel by boat and spot birds and whales on your way to Estancia Haberton. Then there is also kayaking, canoeing, boating, hiking and horseback riding in El Calafate and the Torres del Paine National Park.


Pick the best route to suit your fitness levels and hike the Inca Trail

Climb Machu Picchu (or Huayna Picchu)




This country has all the adventure happening. From bungee jumping to bike tours along the highest motorway in the world and paragliding down to white water rafting, and trekking through unspoiled wilderness India is a dream for anyone who loves adventure.


Go rock climbing, cross some of the many suspension bridges in the country, take a trek with an incredible and also medicinal hot spring at the end. Try your hand at the national sport. Archery is everywhere in Bhutan!

Sri Lanka

Climb Adam’s Peak up through and above the clouds. Discover monastic ruins in the jungles north of Kurunegala or take a spectacular train journey through the hill country of Kandy.


Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef, climb the harbor bridge in Sydney, take a Jetboat to Sydney harbor, take a surf lesson in Manly’ or try ocean rafting at Airlie beach.

You can also abseil(rappel) the Gordon Dam in Tasmania, and experience a jungle surf and night walk in the Daintree Rainforest.

New Zealand

Pilot a stunt plane in Abel Tasman National Park, Explore the Glow Worm caves of Waitomo. Take a helicopter onto the Fox and Franz Josef glaciers for an ice hike before helicoptering back to a relaxing hot pool bath. Extreme junkies can also try their hand at sledging.

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