What can you expect to see on a real safari?

We asked one of our favorite regular clients to answer the question through her stunning images… and then she also generously shared her personal photography tips with us.

Mary Jane’s Photography Tips

First and foremost you need to understand your camera.

Don’t be afraid to change the settings, that is how I have improved my images over the years.

When shooting animals/birds/people focus on the eyes.

Use a higher shutter speed to freeze the motion for action shots.

Mary Jane Sesto elephant foot

My motto has always been less is more.  Make sure you don’t have clutter in the foreground or background, keep it clean.

Mary Jane Sesto lion

Get out there early in the morning.

Mary Jane Sesto elephant tusk

Don’t forget: practice, practice, and practice.

Be ready at all times, expect the unexpected, a wonderful image can appear anytime.

Mary Jane Sesto Elephants

Also, very important on this list is patience.
Don’t just snap a picture and move on, you will miss so much.

My attitude is always positive, I don’t ask for anything in particular, I am always happy to see whatever we see.

Want more of Mary Jane’s work? You will find it here. She says:

I have been very blessed over the years with a tremendous amount of wonderful sightings, made some fantastic friends along the way, witnessed so many beautiful sunrises and sunsets, my heart is full.  I can not wait to start planning my next trip.