With Travel + Leisure’s A-List Advisor, Viji Krishna

With the announcement of Travel + Leisure’s 2023 A-List, we are thrilled to announce that Rothschild Travel Designer Viji Krishna has been declared the world-class specialist of India safaris.

This prestigious accolade comes from Viji’s unwavering dedication to client satisfaction and her profound knowledge of her home country and its neighbours. A leading expert in the Indian subcontinent – including Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan, as well as India itself – it is her unique combination of lifelong personal experience and boundless passion that has set Viji apart as an industry-leading expert in India safari travel.

India Expert Viji Krishna

“[India] is a one-stop destination by way of culture, spirituality, people and food,” Viji enthuses. “I felt like I wanted to explore that subcontinent and actually offer it to the people that are wanting to travel there – because it’s so diverse, and that’s what India means to me.”

The wonderfully rich tapestry of India’s landscapes, cuisine, culture and colour lend themselves impeccably to experiential travel, but what Viji provides to clients reaches far beyond the obvious and accessible aspects of this diverse and fascinating nation.

The expanses of Rajasthan, the jungles of Pench National Park, known for their abundant tiger population, the winding canals and tantalising aromas of Kerala, the snow-capped peaks of Bhutan and Nepal the thrill of glimpsing the elusive ghost cat – the snow leopard; Viji’s personal experience and wisdom of India’s magic are consummate.

Knowledge can be achieved through education, but Viji’s expertise is born of more than the contents of guidebooks, bringing with it a fundamental authenticity that cannot be matched.

She knows her country and culture, property staff and safari guides are friends more than associates; she doesn’t simply plan the route to be taken, she has walked it personally, every step of the way. This allows her to preempt every eventuality and ensure the smooth machinations of the client experience:

“I take responsibility for everything. There are no ambiguities when a client calls me, and I think that’s where authenticity comes through. I know the region; I know my people; I know what will give me the best result.”

Beyond the Taj Mahal and the Ganges, beyond tours of landmarks with hordes of fellow tourists, and erasing any preconception of an Indian safari experience, Viji listens not only to her clients’ requests but to their interests, their passions and their dreams. This allows her to craft a journey beyond the familiar and into the unimaginable.

“As a wanderer myself, I instinctively understand what the client needs, and it’s this great understanding that allows me to create a lifetime of memories for those who want to explore and stretch their imagination,” says Viji. 

“My fondest quote is, ‘I travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape me.’”

To reach the venerated echelons of Travel + Leisure’s A-List takes more than industry experience. It takes passion, devotion, authenticity and an acute connection to the destinations being shared. In all of these, Viji excels, and time and again, ebullient clients enthuse about Viji’s attention to detail and enthusiasm for all that she is sharing, creating both perfect itineraries and friends for life.

“Travelling with Rothschild Safaris is pretty much like travelling with a friend who knows what you want, who wants to showcase India in the very best way, and who can draw away the curtain and show you the rich diversity of this fascinating nation.”

Congratulations Viji!

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Header Image: ©Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp