The words “luxury travel” conjure up different images to different people.

For some, luxury is soaking in a hot tub under the stars after a day full of seeing a place so wild they could not have dreamed it. For some, luxury is the opportunity to interact with their children and families without the persistent screens of phone and computer stealing away attention. For some, luxury is relaxing on a white sandy beach.  For others, luxury is spending an entire day or week prying into the secrets of history under the tutelage of an outstanding guide.

So today we ask, what does luxury mean to you?

Regardless of how you picture luxury, the key to a luxurious experience is less about how much you are paying and more about getting the details right.

In our opinion, luxury travel is all about helping you experience things that you didn’t even know that you could dream of. Our trip planners spend each and every day customizing travel to Africa, South America, Asia, and Pacific with this guiding principle in mind.

So how do we infuse each and every trip with luxury? Here’s a look behind the scenes at how we incorporate luxury into each and every Rothschild Safaris trip.

Private Transfers

Let’s start with the nuts and bolts of your itinerary- the transfers from one place to another. This is an element of travel that people often don’t consider, which is a shame because transfers can really make a difference in the quality of your travel. Private transfers are a nice touch to any trip. Consider a private charter flight or a helicopter to save precious travel time and help you get a head start on your wildlife viewing and a better sense of place as you gaze at the land below. You can even enjoy a safari by private jet!


Top Notch Guiding

Studies have shown that novelty is a key to happiness. Find your own bliss by enjoying your holiday in the company of a top rated, English speaking guide. For me, the over-the-top luxury with guiding came with the flexibility to go at any time. As the group of people I was with were enjoying post-dinner drinks, we heard the roar of a lion. The guide invited us to go out on an extra late night drive to try to find the wildlife. This is luxury at its best- enjoying the company of your friends, the expertise of a guide, and with no agenda or end time in sight.

Luxe Accommodations

What you are looking for in luxury accommodations are the obvious things- comfortable beds, quiet locations, little nooks to enjoy a good book, etc.- but also the details that raise the luxury bar. Think: bathtubs overlooking water holes so you can relax, sip a drink, and watch the wilderness come to you. Private balconies overlooking the Cloud Forest in Ecuador. Amazing art collections where you least expect them. Private plunge pools for cooling off from a fruitful game drive. Perhaps you may fancy your own personal butler or concierge. The options here are endless.

Delicious Meals

With many award winning restaurants the options are endless in Africa.  Many restaurants offer locally sourced, creatively prepared dishes paired with award winning South African wines and we know just the right places to send you to. To really get the full luxury experience, ask us to arrange a dinner out in the bush, where you can be serenaded by nature as you dine on a fully set table. Another of our favorite ultra-luxurious meal experiences is a multi-course meal rowed out to you on the mighty Zambezi River. If you are passionate about wine, we can direct you to some properties with cellars chock full of delicious, locally sourced wines. As we said before, luxury caters to your personal tastes- let us help you find an over the top dining experience.


Unique Spa Options

There are a number of destinations that take the experience up a notch. Consider the Amani Spa at Mara Bushtops, that recently won the “Best Luxury Safari Spa” category from the World Luxury Spa Awards. Likewise, Royal Malewane spa has been earning awards and accolades since it opened in 2000. Another over-the-top spa option is the One and Only Hayman Island, where you can end your day of snorkeling amid the Great Barrier Reef with a relaxing massage atop the lovely blue water or in the tranquility of the rainforest. Take a deep breath and sink into the experience.