Wrapping up Jessica’s blog series about her India safari is a focus on the people and culture. For many travelers, experiencing the culture and interacting with people in another country leave the most impactful and lasting impression. Here are some of Jessica’s impressions:

  • India is a country of juxtapositions – from poverty to palaces; from slums to splendor; from the deafening noise of the cities to the absolute silence and “zen” of the countryside
  • People very much live in the modern connectivity of the 21st century but haven’t lost strong ties to their culture and heritage
  • Communication was easy as most people spoke very good English
  • Some special notes for women traveling – as a single female traveler I felt very safe; women are not allowed into the mosques
  • People are very friendly and welcoming
  • One lasting impression – the gorgeous sparkling saris (now that I’m home I’m definitely regretting not buying one!)

If you want to visit this fascinating country, now is a great time to start planning a trip for fall, which is a perfect time to travel on an India Safari – the monsoons are over and the extreme heat has subsided. We will customize a trip to meet your specific travel desires, whether it’s exploring the amazing markets, visiting the grand palaces, meandering through villages or searching for tigers on elephant-back. Our private guides can travel with you throughout your trip, providing excellent insight into the culture and history of all the sights along the way.

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