Riding up close to elephant, lion and buffalo, or galloping with wildebeest and zebra is without a doubt one of the most adventurous ways to experience safari in Africa.  If you are a rider, there is simply no better way to see Kenya than from the back of a well schooled and fit horse. Sure, getting close to big game in Africa from the quiet perspective of horseback (instead of from the back seat of a safari vehicle) is pretty special.

But there are a few other reasons why a riding safari in East Africa is on our list for TOP trips for 2017. Here’s why!

Expert Guiding

Our horseback safari in Kenya offers exceptionally high standards of guiding, service and accommodation, while not compromising on the true nature of being on safari. Our guides have been exploring the African bush by horseback for decades, and will ensure your safety while helping you get up close to wildlife.

Specifically on our Kenya Horseback Safaris, the Maasai Mara never fails to deliver outstanding game viewing from horseback, all year round.  Whether you ride with the wildebeest migration from July to October or avoid the masses and opt for the warm, dry months of January to March the game viewing is always spectacular. Our guides know the best routing as you journey across the Mara ecosystem, stopping in the best, out of the way campsites each night.

Luxury Mobile Camping

On this horseback adventure, a luxury mobile tented camp is set up in remote areas, and is the base of your safari.  While the camp is lightweight so it can be moved every night or two while on safari, it’s very comfortable. Sleep in a spacious 10ft x 9ft tent with camp beds, mattress, sheets, and cozy blankets. Towels, soap and flashlights are provided. There is a gas lamp and hurricane lamp in each tent, as well as a toilet tent for each double tent and hot showers are always available.


All food is fresh and prepared by a dedicated camp chef. The team carry dry ice and cubes and are self sufficient for one week. Bread is baked daily on open fires.

Beautiful Horses

Well schooled thoroughbred and thoroughbred cross. Many are home bred out of our mares. All are tried for polo and the best polo ponies all go on safari. They are therefore responsive, tough, and fit.


We ride across the Masai Mara, Laikipia and Amboseli, choosing the best routes over 5-10 days.  With a mobile tented camp that moves with us, this is the epitome of what a true ‘safari’ is all about.

While of course riding is the main draw, if you wish to take a break and instead enjoy a traditional game drive, you can hop in a Landrover instead. We always have Landrovers along on the riding safaris as support and to provide an alternative if you need a break from riding.

If you would like to learn more about this epic horseback adventure, please contact us today!