Plastic straw guilt

Takeout carton guilt

Harsh chemicals guilt

Life is hard in 2019

A recent Gallup poll revealed that six out of 10 Americans believe the government should do more to look after the environment. Only one in five will make a real effort to reverse damage or prevent further.

This might have more than a little to do all the advice we are bombarded with, not to mention the prevalence of people seeing the environmental crises as a money-making opportunity and creating products that are shortsighted or even harmful.

Finding the practical ideas that can actually make strides in the environmental stakes and stem the tide amidst all the nonsense out there is a bit like trawling the ocean for plastic. Very hard.

But we did it anyway.

Here are 13 Hacks for making the Earth a Happier Place to Thrive

1. The O.N./ O.F.F. Switch

Get everyone in your house into the habit of not leaving anything on standby but turning it off instead.

Also, switch to a 100% renewable energy supplier.

And use LED bulbs everywhere.

2. V is for Victory

There is no getting around the fact that red meat is not great for the environment. Start with eliminating it one day a week and indulging in a vegetarian feast because every little bit will help.

3. B.Y.O. Cup

Do you drink coffee or tea on the go daily? Did you know that hot liquid cups aren’t recyclable and 91% of plastic bottles are never recycled?

A personal (glass!) bottle or reusable cup is the easy answer.

4. Wipe like a Mid-Century Hausfrau

From your face to your counters it has never been easier to find great brands to re-use instead of disposing them. These facial rounds even have their own mini laundry bag. Swedish cellulose dishcloths are ridiculously handy and easy to use. They can be washed 200 times and then they biodegrade! Not bad for something that is also quite beautiful.

5. Harsh chemicals? Start here:

If you want an easy and very impactful way to cut down on the bad stuff your household releases into the environment then you should consider switching to a clean detergent, soap nuts come with a personal recommendation from our lovely Project Manager Kim, and wool dryer balls.

6. Vote with your Wallet

Replace or buy energy efficient appliances and machines.

You can also insulate your home.

Finally, fashion is also a huge contributor to environmental problems. This is how you can help:

Resist fast fashion.

Consider a revolving clothes subscription service like Le Tote.

Buy brands that are transparent about sourcing responsible, environmentally friendly material, about how their factories are run and who pay employees living wages.

7. Pretty in Green

Consider zero waste beauty products that are also sustainably manufactured and contain no harsh chemicals.

8. Shop like Africa

Many countries in Africa now ban all plastic bags. Apart from carrying shopping in your own bags, you can also:

Invest in metal straws

Consider a compostable or recycled toothbrush

Switch to bamboo earbuds

9. You Can Compost

Buy fresh and local. Have your food delivered to your home. Don’t waste but if you do have waste it is possible to put nutrients back in the soil even when you don’t have a backyard. Use a compost pick-up service or an indoor compost bin.

10. Nespresso. What else?

Woken is what else. These compostable coffee pods take the guilt out of your home coffee habit.

11. Packaging Pay Dirt

From glass containers to the compostable alternative to plastic wraps and ziplock bags. These reusable produce bags are all the rage in the Bay Area and Rothschild Safaris’ Operations Project Manager, Nicole Russo thinks they are fabulous.

12. Fix it

Mend and repair rather than throwing it away.

13. Get a Chauffeur

Don’t drive when you can use public transport or carpool or bike or walk.

Do you have a great eco-friendly tip or a meatless recipe you would like us to feature? Let us know!

Images via Pixabay, Pixabay, Sylvie Tittel, Marten Bjork, Amanda Phung