Kimberly Brokling

Project Manager

The real reason Rothschilds Safari Travel Designers do ALL THE HARD THINGS without breaking a (visible) sweat?

Our Project Manager is only a bona fide spider wrangler!

For her honeymoon she planned night walks through the Ecuadorian jungle. Her husband was horrified with this ‘who’s who of spiders’… the new bride was in seventh heaven. She still hasn’t stopped talking about the one she could hold that looked like a skinny lobster and was the size of her palm.

Then there was the time:

Kim gave a condom demonstration as a Peace Corps health volunteer.

To 300 people.

In a foreign language.

Let’s just have a moment of silence while the full impact of those three short sentences sink in.

She has traveled through China, Ecuador, and Europe, and spent two years living with the Dagomba people in West Africa, learning the language (small small), eating the local cuisine, and getting to know the people.

She has an intense love for Africa travel, and most recently enjoyed a solo safari through Zimbabwe and Botswana.

Kim is also president of her Toastmasters club, she has spoken at Ignite Denver and competed at Moth storytelling. If she gets hold of you she will be convincing you to reduce your use of plastic, use soap nuts for your laundry and wash your hair with bar soap.

Our world is only a work in progress and is constantly becoming a better place because… Kim.

And that fact is definitely only also too true for Rothschild Safaris.




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