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Off north eastern Mozambique, lie around 32 little islands surrounded by deserted, Indian Ocean beaches and, some still-uncharted, coral reefs. The Quirimbas began as a fishing settlement, they hosted Arabian and Portuguese trade and you can still touch the archipelago’s history with your own fingers when you visit the old forts and ancient ruins where fishermen still go about their business. You could buy a little piece of the Quirimbas, fashioned by the traditional silversmiths, to remind you of your time in paradise forever.

Vamizi Island has six, beautifully crafted, exclusive villas with private swimming pool, 4×4, driver, butler and chef.

Top tips

  • Plan your visit well. Vamizi lies 150 km north of Ibo for instance…

  • Ibo silver craft can be found nowhere else on earth and is an investment. You will also be supporting sustainable income if you buy from the silversmiths at the fort.


The second largest island in the Bazaruto Archipelago is only 55 square kilometers and lies 14 km offshore. Famous for its Marine National Park, unspoiled beaches, fabulous diving, horseback riding and fishing it has forest, savannah, three freshwater lakes and wetlands that sustain 140 bird species and diverse fauna and flora

Azura Bazaruto is only accessible by helicopter with 16 private villas, most with a private infinity pool, all with two full time butlers. There is very little rainfall year-round and the wine is flown in from France. It is eco-friendly enchantment at its best.

Top Tips

  • Best temperatures are between April and September.

  • The island features a range of volunteer projects if you would like to spend a little time with conservation or sponsorship on your honeymoon.


From sacred temples hidden by breadfruit trees and banana groves to Sunday morning markets and feeding the sacred blue-eyed eels in Faie (don’t be alarmed if little children jump in the water and lift the much-larger-than-them-eels out to give you a better look!), the Garden Island of Huahine is a 40-minute flight from Tahiti and has only 6,300 inhabitants. A culturally preserved sanctuary and a tropical jungle Huahine’s dense vegetation and bright blooms together with its ancient history and mythical intrigues will leave you spellbound.

Hide away in the small bay where the Royal Huahine can be found. Pick a Garden, Beach or Water bungalow- all positioned to take advantage of the sunset

Top tips

  • Buy flavored liqueurs and exotic vinegars made from fruits grown on the island.

  • There is MUCH to see and explore on the island. Start planning early or you will miss out.


The Island state of Australia consists of the 26th largest island in the world and the 344 islands surround it. With over 40% of the entire population residing in Great Hobart Tasmania remains largely an uncharted wilderness featuring lakes and mountains and perfect temperatures from December to February.

An island off an island… Satellite Island is only 34 hectares of privately owned land between Tasmania proper and Bruny Island within the D’Etrecasteaux Channel along the south-east of the mainland. Cross the channel from Hobart by ferry and you will arrive to Tasmanian bubbles and a bucket of fresh oysters. From there it gets better. More unplugged, more unspoiled, more spoiling.

Top Tips

  • Don’t ask mainland Australians for travel tips about Tasmania… it is a very different and quite wild world

  • Do pack layers. It is quite possible to have four seasons in a day.


Two bikeable Indian Ocean Islands, one with a World Heritage site of palm covered May Valley and lovely hotels and the other one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and privately-owned villas.

A romantic nine room boutique retreat, Le Château De Feuilles overlooks the Baie St. Anne from within a garden filled with oleander, bougainvillea and frangipani. The low-key, highly personal service is designed around your privacy and your comfort

Top Tips

  • There is no malaria, but you can get bitten by other annoying little critters so bringing anti sting is a good idea.

  • The Vallee de Mai on Praslin is the original Garden of Eden… and home to the world’s heaviest nuts. Don’t go walking around at here at night because that is when the coco de mer fall from their trees.


An adventure in the South China Sea, complete with shipwreck and coral reef dive sites, tropical rainforests and cascading waterfalls. The Island that is home to Juara Beach can only be reached by ferry following a bus or taxi from Kuala Lumpur.

Not only an island getaway but a series of luxury treehouses and cliff-clinging chalets joined by canopy-skimming walkways the Japamala Resort is an oasis surrounded by rainforests.

Top Tips

  • The monitor lizards are used to people… generally they are harmless but if they are threatened they could attack.

  • Don’t book casual ferries – always use a reputable service provider.


Today we know the Persian zang-bâr or ‘black coast’ that survives through growing cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and black pepper, the manufacture of raffia and welcoming guests, as Zanzibar. A 90-minute drive from historic Stone Town, through the spice plantations, will bring you to a 20-minute boat crossing. And then you will believe that you have rediscovered paradise. The sugar sand beaches of Mnemba Island welcome only 24 guests at any one time, the food is out of this world and the snorkeling is world class.

Top Tips

  • Transfer to and from the island will involve a little wading into the sea.

  • If you are sensitive to noise you might want to bring earplugs as the nesting doves and crows coo day and night.


The tiny white sand island of Sindabezi lies in the middle of the Zambezi. The eco-lodge has only five open-sided thatched chalets with views across the flood plains. All the spaces on the island are indulgent and guests are thoroughly spoiled. It is perfectly possible to enjoy the activities of nearby Victoria Falls during the day… only to escape back to the island retreat before sunset 

Top Tips

  • Book a floating Sampan Dinner.

  • While the beds are heated with hot water bottles winter mornings on the river can be chilly. Pack warm pajamas for colder months.

Images via Guillaume Baudusseau