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Take a moment to envisage the best honeymoon destinations

Humans have been setting off on honeymoon at least since the middle of the 16th century (when the word is first mentioned)

but chances are excellent that your vision is quite different from the ideas harbored by people who have married as recently as a couple of decades ago.

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Honeymoons have changed!

Today, the honeymoon has become a goal in itself, rather than a simple step on the way to achieving your married status.

Today, a honeymoon must be both spectacular and a memorable statement. A celebration of your new identity as a married couple.

Things, a great honeymoon will state eloquently, are different now.

The only thought you should have before, during, and after your honeymoon?

My decision-making skills are off the charts!

As weddings are quite stressful, a honeymoon also does double duty as a way to take care of yourself and relax once all the official celebrations are out of the way, and Aunt Joan has packed her alarming fascinator back in its box. It might be the first time in weeks that you can have some much needed alone time.

While many couples live together before they are married, a honeymoon is an opportunity to adapt to the reality of the full meaning carried by the very public statement of marriage.

The perfect honeymoon is a fantastic springboard for a positive mindset as you set off on what (with a little luck) will be a long and adventure-filled journey.

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Steps for Arriving at your Dream Honeymoon Plan

  1. While it is acceptable to color outside the budget lines for your honeymoon, it is a great idea to be realistic about what you can afford. World-class Travel Designer services are entirely free (and why would you not use professional help during one of the busiest times of your life?), and they will know how to balance your budget without popping your bubble.

  2. Use a Honeymoon Registry instead of a traditional gift list, and your friends and family can help make your dreams come true.

  3. If a name change is on the cards and you are leaving on a honeymoon right after your wedding, it might be a good idea to use your maiden name for flights.

  1. This tip is valid for all travel – but especially so when your destination is off the beaten track. Some countries have unusual arrival requirements (like having two blank pages next to each other in your passport), and your honeymoon is not the moment you want to be surprised by an unexpected rule. A Travel Designer will have your back when it comes to any idiosyncratic details that may cross your path, but if you are planning your own trip, you can do your research online.

  2. And if you organize your own honeymoon DO remember to tell everyone that you are on honeymoon! From better rooms to individual dinner reservations and great wine… all the world is in love with love, and everywhere you go, your hosts will want to help you celebrate.

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Why Africa has All the Makings of a Meaningful Safari Honeymoon

Some say the highlight of getting married is spending the rest of your life with your best friend. We think spending an incredible safari honeymoon with the love of your life is the best way to begin the adventure.

While we cannot imagine a travel bucket list that does not feature an African safari quite prominently we understand that ‘wedding’ is a herculean feat of diplomacy, organization, and exhaustion for many and we are more than ready to plan complete relaxation, preferably on an African island paradise for your honeymoon holiday.

  • The longer travel time to reach the continent allows couples to allocate and share their most precious commodity: time.

  • An African honeymoon offers special combination of adventure and relaxation is just what you need to destress and reset after all the excitement and exhaustion of a wedding.

  • Spending private time together in the untouched wilderness surrounded by phenomenal wildlife is an unforgettable shared experience that sets the tone for a spectacular life together.

  • Africa offers many of the best destinations for honeymooners. There are epic adventures from Climbing Kilimanjaro to going Gorilla Trekking or Walking in the South Luangwa of Zambia… and incredibly spoiling luxury can be found throughout the continent. From the moment you arrive until your departure, you will be treated to experienced, knowledgeable, and hugely attentive staff… on a continent where romance will ooze from every wild, secluded location.

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Things to Consider when you Plan your African Island Safari Honeymoon

Available time

It is essential to factor in travel and transfers to ensure that most of your precious time will be spent having fun and relaxing in Africa. Time of year is another vital component as subtle seasonal differences can render one destination much more exciting than another.


Knowing where to splurge and where to save can change the entire trip. While most safari holidays are all-inclusive, there are specific adventures that might prove an unforgettable highlight if you choose to add them.

Do contemplate the offseason if you are on a budget


An African honeymoon is a delicate balancing act of spending time alone and interacting with select small groups.

Beach vs. Bush

Everyone has their own preference, but in Africa, it is often merely a matter of perfectly combining the different destinations. Africa is filled with islands, and many of them will provide you with an exquisite top 10 honeymoon destination. But there are three classic African honeymoon island destinations.

Trust your Travel Designer when they advise you not to try to fit everything into your first visit to Africa.

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How do you choose between three of the most beautiful islands in the world?

It is a terrible problem to have. We feel your pain!

You need a safari honeymoon on an untamed African island where you can start your new life together with sand between your toes, under a blanket of stars. Mauritius, Seychelles, and the Maldives are all dream honeymoon destinations with perfect palms swaying gently in the wind.

Luckily each paradise has its own unique allure

Why use a Travel Designer?

The service is entirely free

They will secure better deals than you can find yourself

Their extensive knowledge will ensure that your expectations are exceeded and attention to detail will be evident in every day.

The Classic Indian Ocean Island Honeymoon

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Maldives Honeymoon


The heavenly islands dotting the Indian Ocean are instantly recognizable… but the public image is only a small part of this idyllic picture. The Maldives offers seclusion, luxury, ultra-luxury, incredible service, unique experiences, and fantastically exclusive views that never quit.

We know the Maldives are part of South Asia and not strictly an African honeymoon… but we include them here as they are quite accessible from Africa and an incredible luxury honeymoon destination.

As the plane descends at Malé airport, the matchbox size buildings lined up along the tiny island’s coastline can be mistaken for an elaborate 3D puzzle from the air.

From here, a seaplane or a boat transfer will whisk you to one of the Maldivian nation’s myriads of islands.

Some of the resorts flaunt the most amazing views of the ocean, gorgeous overwater bungalows with terraces, and some unique sunroof villas.

A typical day on the beach starts off with a beverage of your choice, followed by your very own Friday talking about the weather and the innumerable ocean excursion options. After a lovely breakfast, should you change your mind and you fancy lounging around and reading a book or two, the blue ocean can be relied on to never fail you.

As the sun sets, the lanterns the light up the beach line, the color of the sky turns orange, and the ocean waves crash onto the shore in synchrony with the Maldivian sound of the Bodu Beru drums that serenade you over cocktails. Clear skies allow one to have your bed rolled out to sleep under the night sky with the smell of the ocean and the sound of the waves to permeate your dreams.

The sun is quick to come up over the horizon, so is the butler, who is ready for you with a hot cup of coffee or tea whatever your choice of beverage may be. And the ocean lies at your feet, new adventures beckoning, opening your mind to another sunshiny day! 

– Viji Krishna

Best Months for a Maldives Honeymoon

The Maldives is hot and sunny all year round, with average temperatures of 74 oF – 88 oF (23 oC – 31 oC). The best weather – and the best time to visit the Maldives – is between November and April.

The Maldives are at their busiest between December and March. The monsoon runs from May to October and peaks around June.

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Adventures Ahoy…

1. Scuba diving and snorkeling

World-class underwater adventures await, and you may want to snorkel right from your verandah to explore your island.

2. Spa treatments

Give yourself the gift that keeps on giving and indulge in spa treatments on the beach. Island time + A little pampering  = All you need to reset your body after the stress and hustle of a wedding. (Couples packages are top-rated.)

3. Go sailing

All the resorts offer excursions for diving and relaxing.

4. How much relaxation is too much relaxation?

Don’t worry about staying active – if you like your days filled with fun and the odd frisson of excitement, the Maldives will deliver. From waterskiing to jetskiing and even surfing, you will never be bored.

5. Bright lights, Big Malé

Visit restaurants and do your shopping here – it is also a gentle way to re-calibrate to the atmosphere of ordinary life after living the castaway idyll.

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Best for…


It is difficult to beat an over-water villa in one of many private-island resorts in the Maldives. This is the gold standard for luxury honeymoon destinations!

Luckily, these paradise escapes have unique charms, so whether you’re looking for action, adventure, and Michelin stars, the most luxurious hotels on Earth, or just a chance to get back to nature, there’s an island to suit.

At Cheval Blanc Randheli Island, you can follow in the footsteps of the Cambridges (who chose this for a break before their Royal tour Down Under). Enjoy a villa with a private butler and the Guerlain Spa in the ‘hushed haven’ of the Maldives.

Niyama Private Island has a restaurant that can only be reached by boat and the underwater, glass-walled Subsix bar.

The Private Reserve at Gili Lankanfushi boasts a private boat spa pavilion (perfect for couples)… Oh, and a waterslide from the top deck into the lagoon!

best tropical honeymoon destinations© bjornhermansson –

Marine life

All of paradise is not created equal, and while all three of our islands nestle within the Indian Ocean, the Maldives offer an unbeatable underwater experience.

In the Baa Atoll (a 40-minute seaplane journey from Malé) you can dive or snorkel with manta rays and whale sharks (May to Oct). Definitely a unique honeymoon destination.

unique honeymoon destinations© Hoodh Ahmed –

In the most undeveloped part of the archipelago, you can swim with hammerhead sharks at Vaavu Atoll.

Four Seasons Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru has a manta ray research station (and an Ayurvedic Spa – if extreme spoiling and indulgence is the type of detail that matters😉).

But the true wonder of watersports in the Maldives? You can simply snorkel directly from your verandah on reefs that resemble an aquarium.

© kevskoot  – / Shaah Shahidh –

Private Islands

If you’re seeking total seclusion, the one-island, one-resort hideaways of the Maldives are unbeatable.

Exclusivity is the standard in the Maldives. Tiny COMO Cocoa Island in the South Malé atoll has only 34 villas inspired by dhonis (traditional Maldivian sailing boats), a small bar, restaurant, and spa.

best honeymoon destinations© Shifaaz shamoon –

Mauritius Honeymoon


A lot of French flair and spectacular coral reefs make a honeymoon in the island nation officially known as the Republic of Mauritius an idyllic and sophisticated escape for newlyweds in the know.

Mauritius is a volcanic island decorated with lagoons, incredible beaches against a backdrop of palm trees and coral reefs surround most of the coastline.

Best months for a Mauritian Honeymoon

In Mauritius, the hot, humid, rainy season is between November and May with dry, warm weather the rest of the year. Temperatures are between 68°F and 86°F (20° C and 30° C)

. This may vary depending on which side of the island you’re visiting, so check when booking. Winters are a little cooler and offer relief from the humidity.

The best months are April, between June and September, or December (Skip February and March).

top honeymoon destinations in the world© Xavier Coiffic –

Adventure Ahoy…

1. There are no private beaches in Mauritius, so location matters.

The southern part of the island is quite wild. In the north, you will find the highest concentration and variety of beaches, with coves hidden behind casuarina trees. On the eastern side of the island, powder white sand gently slips into the blue sea. Some say the west is best with golden sand, shallow water, and those Instagram worthy sunsets. 

We say: Go island-hopping throughout this unique honeymoon destination!… from a paying your respects to the last dodo in Isle aux Aigrettes (also home to Aldabra tortoises and pink pigeons) and midnight, candlelit picnics to parasailing on Ile Aux Cerfs, ski rides, kayaking on Isla de Ambre and spotting seabirds on Ile aux Cocos.

2. Rent a car and go on a scenic drive through sugarcane plantations.

Take the tea route from Curepipe, through Bois Chéri to Saint Aubin. Or drive between Bel Ombre to Baie du Cap and go through Macondé and Le Morne.

3. Mauritius is a shopping paradise.

From the Grand Baie Bazar to Goodlands and Quatre Bornes, you won’t be wanting for exotic mementos.

4. Mysteries abound in Mauritius.

The Seven Colored Earth of Chamarel is the result of some geological magic with a mix of purples, yellows, oranges, and reds. Pamplemousses has the oldest botanical garden in the Southern Hemisphere. The beach is not the only destination where you will need a towel in Mauritius: The Chamarel Waterfall is 272 foot (83m) waterfall high, nestles within rich green forests, and swimming in the shallow pool is an unforgettable experience. You can also swim at Tamarind Falls and bathe in Ganga Talao, a sacred lake lying high in the crater of the extinct volcano of Grand Bassin. The Hindu community believes the water of Ganga Talao can communicate with the Holy Ganges in India.

5. Visit the temples, markets, and museums of cosmopolitan Port Louis.

safari and beach honeymoon© Teodor Kuduschiev –

Best for…

Fine dining

This might be the only island in the world where you can enjoy cuisine influenced by Creole, African, Indian, and Chinese tastes.


Chasing Michelin stars? Find chef Marc de Passori in Mauritius at the Legendary One & Only Le Saint Geran.

Other culinary highlights include the Champagne Sunday brunch at Shangri-La Le Touessrok Resort & Spa.

Incredible seafood on the wild northeast coast at La Maison d’Ete or Le Pescatore.

And indulge in sashimi at Constance Belle Mare Plage.

For authentic Mauritian cuisine, you may dine at Le Chateau de Bel Ombre or mix things up at Italian chef Fabio de Poli’s table at Labourdonnais Estate.

Try some dholl puri with hot chili paste at Dewa & Sons on Rose Hill or Capeau La Paille in Port Louis.

 Le Constance Prince Maurice is an opulent five-star resort. The very secluded beach lies within a bay, and the hotel also features a fairytale pretty, floating restaurant.

The Oberoi Beach Resort feature thatched villas with sunken marble bathrooms, and here you can dine on black volcanic rock on the edge of the ocean.

tropical honeymoon destinations© Francesco Ungaro –


Visit Ille D’Ambre to kayak and raft through its mangrove and exotic flowers. Splendid diving and snorkeling are a given, but the king of watersports in Mauritius may be kitesurfing. From the former plantation house of St Regis Mauritius, you can learn to kitesurf the legendary One Eye reef wave in the lagoon. You can even take a submarine tour or hop on an underwater scooter.

Action and adventure

Go horseback riding on Riambel Beach while the sunsets.

While we are talking horses –

Hippophiles may enjoy visiting the 19th century Camp de Mars thoroughbred racehorse track in Port Louis. Managed by the world’s second-oldest horse racing club.

unique honeymoon destination© Julia Joppien –

See giant tortoises and crocodiles at La Vanille Nature Park.

Hike the Black River Gorges National Park, quad bike, and summit Le Morne Brabant for jaw-dropping views.

best tropical honeymoon destinations© Xavier Coiffic –

Seychelles Honeymoon


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge picked wisely when they jetted to Seychelles for their tropical honeymoon destination. This cluster of Indian Ocean islands juxtaposes talcum-powder beaches with dramatic black granite boulders and dreamy azure sea.

There’s an air of exclusivity at the glamorous resorts across Seychelles, so it’s no surprise they’re top of the wish list for couples seeking a luxurious tropical getaway.

Best months for a Seychelle Honeymoon

Plan your wedding for an April, May, October or November honeymoon when the weather transitions between the hot and humid northwest trade winds and the more refreshing southeast trade winds. The height of the rainy season is January and February.

unique honeymoon destinations© Stéphane Juban –

Adventure Ahoy

1. Seychelles has four main islands.

Mahé, which is the largest and feature Anse Takamaka beach, beautiful and remote Praslin covered in trees and the dreamy Anse Lazio beach, the mountainous Silhouette, and the drop-dead gorgeous beaches of Anse Source d’Argent and Anse Marron on La Digue.

And no – you don’t have to choose on your Seychelles honeymoon. Ferries run between all the islands, and you can keep all the best beaches in your little black book.

2. Almost every 5-star hotel will have its own state-of-the-art dive center.

Explore the reefs, shipwrecks, coral gardens, and granite outcrops that fill the sea around these islands. If you head to the northernmost Bird Island, you’ll be able to catch a once-in-a-lifetime sight of nesting sea turtles and giant tortoises.

3. Erotic Royal Souvenirs?

Praslin’s Vallee de Mai National Park is home to the rare Coco de Mer palms and the coconuts famed for their ‘erotic’ shape. The royal newlyweds were presented with one as a souvenir from their Seychelles honeymoon.

luxury honeymoon destinations© Philipp Meeh –

Best for

Untouched Nature

Seychelles consistently defies overdevelopment and boasts some of the most eco-aware hotels on the planet.

Vallée de Mai

On Praslin, this Unesco listed home of the rare coco de mer palm is also your stepping stone to Bird Island, where exotic birds and turtles nest. If you don’t mind giant tortoises popping into your view and photobombing your selfies, the 16 villas of Frégate Island are waiting to make your dreams come true.

Denis Private Island

This little gem is perfect for anyone who would like to live the castaway dream… the one where the island comes with a luxurious beach cottage and locally sourced food.

Six Senses Zil Pasyon

Félicité lies close to the main Seychelles islands, and the entire island is a wild haven of fascinating hiking trails… and one very eco-conscious resort.

Safari honeymoon© Thomas Lipke –


Treatments with local herb infused oils in open-sided pavilions or on the beach at sunset are the order of the Seychelles day.

At MAIA on Mahé, you can indulge in Omorovicza gold and blue diamond treatments and banana leaf wraps. The Four Seasons Seychelles offer a midnight rooftop massage by starlight.

The Banyan Tree on Mahé has an Asian spa that is pure pampering indulgence in paradise.

seychelles honeymoon© el.rudakova –


From the smooth granite boulders, palms, and sugar-white sand of Anse Source d’Argent on La Digue to the surf spot of Anse Intendance on Mahé and the idyllic takamaka tree-fringed Anse Lazio on Praslin Island the beaches of Seychelles are almost too perfect to be real.

At the Four Seasons Resort Seychelles on Desroches Island miles of pristine sand fringe warm achingly blue water and acres of coconut groves.

Africa Honeymoon© Alin Meceanu –

Packing Tips for your Indian Ocean Honeymoon

🌴 Do carry a little cash and check your mobile phone provider’s service and data allowance. Wifi can be spotty when you are a million miles away from your extreme jealousy-inducing out of office message.

🌴 Extra camera batteries, chargers (bring a power strip with USB connecters to make the most of your plugs), and storage for all your images.

🌴 Reef safe sunscreen and good insect repellent and cream to treat insect bites.

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