If you are looking for personal service, having the bush to yourself and coming eye-to-eye with all the big and little game… we have the perfect location for you.

Zambia is a big, remote, incredibly lush land filled with kind people and relaxed wildlife.

Zambia is: The Home of the Walking Safari

Why is this such a big deal? Because there really is nothing like walking in the bush to really feel like you have arrived in Africa. And when you are lucky enough to do it in Zambia you will have access to some of the best guides on the planet, and an incredibly dense population of wildlife that remains unfenced and in close proximity to rural villages. Zambia pioneered walking Safaris and the Lower Zambezi National Park is one of the most spectacular locations for a walking Safari in all of Africa

Zambia is: Landlocked but the Water is Spectacular

Consider it a double whammy in wild intimacy as Zambia also offers the chance to become one with the water… and {safely}get up close and personal with the crocodiles, hippo pods and thirsty game who come to slake their thirst.

Zambia is: Where Bush glamping is almost the Norm

The modern bushcamp provides a big helping of rustic with an even bigger portion of luxury. You might have to frequently remind yourself that you are not, in fact, staying on a movie set

Zambia is: Home to a Seventh Wonder of the World

The largest curtain of falling water on earth might be home to an impressive number of adrenaline activities but if you know where to go (and we do😻) there is much tranquillity to be had very close by… and yet, far from the madding crowds.

Zambia is: Where Rare Creatures and Happenings Live

For those who love seeing wild creatures unfenced, Zambia is one of the few countries on earth that will guarantee all the wildlife you dream of – with many of them visiting towns, villages and camps inside and out of the national parks.

The South Luangwa National Park is very remote with much of it remaining unexplored and yet it has one of the highest densities of big game in Africa.

Ten million fruit bats take part in one of the biggest migrations of its kind as they descend on the swamp forest of Kasanka National Park between October and December.

The very elusive sitatunga and black lechwe can be spotted here. There is the blue wildebeest gathering together by the tens of thousands on the Liuwa Plains. Lions climb trees and swim, wild dogs and leopards are a lucky treat and you can even spy a pangolin. Oh, and the birdlife? Spectacular!

Zambia is: Filled with Good, Fun and Interesting People

We guard against generalizations but it is difficult not to mention that Zambian people seem to be incredibly good at joy. Even though the vast majority of the inhabitants are very, very poor everyone is ever ready to offer humor and if smiles could be transformed into power Zambia won’t need Kariba dam.

When the winter monsoon is imminent the Lozi chief of western Zambia – called the Litunga- moves from his summer capital in the floodplains to his winter home on higher ground. This spectacle is called Kuombuka which means ‘getting out of water’ and is incredibly impressive with a procession of drums, a giant sculpted elephant, paddlers in headdress and skirts made from animal skins and lion’s mane all on board a massive wooden canoe for the move.

Zambia is: Your Personal Adrenaline Mixologist

You love pushing the edge of the envelope on holiday? Zambia has an entire adventure capital for you to explore.

Kicking back is more your speed? This country might be the King of chill.

Zambia is: Easy to visit

It is fairly easy and straightforward obtaining a visa for Zambia and the area is also yellow-fever-free.

According to the WEF Zambia is also one of the safest countries in Africa.

Zambia is: One of the Few Places you will Find a Shoebill

The Shoebill or Whalehead bird can only be found in swamps from Sudan to Zambia. Rumour has it that this bird expects the Royal treatment African style with a deep bow whenever you meet it. We appreciate its style… and we also thought this is the kind of inside information we had to let you in on.

Please note that Rothschild Safari guests are advised to bow correctly with head shaking and clicking noise whenever they have the honor of meeting an African Shoebill formally. 😜