Why Rothschild for your Family Safari?

At Rothschild Safaris, we are passionate about family travel.

We believe there is no greater gift a parent can give a child, than the gift of travel. Travel is the world’s best education, and no place on earth will broaden your child’s horizons like an African safari.

But this isn’t just lip service or marketing speak.

Our own team has traveled far and wide with kids. We’ve run up and down the sand dunes of Namibia, scampered up boulders and gazed out across the vast, untouched Kenyan bush, and explored colorful Cape Town together with our own young children.

This first hand experience has helped us uniquely understand how to customize safari itineraries for children of all ages, masterfully pacing adventures and selecting the perfect accommodations for every unique family group.

And while this dedicated attention to detail keeps our clients coming back for more family adventures around the world, other people have also started taking notice. Leora Rothschild, founder of Rothschild Safaris, has been recognized as Travel + Leisure magazine’s top family safari planner in the world.

Let’s get started!

Imagine the thrill of watching your child see their first wild elephant, so close they could almost touch it, or floating together in a hot air balloon above herds of wildebeest and zebra, or learning how to track wild animals from a Kalahari Bushman.  We look forward to helping your family experiences Africa together!

Give us a call at 800-405-9463 to discuss which options are most suitable for your family and find out more about our preferred family-friendly camps and lodges. 

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