Vertical Graphic For Pinterest (25)In a World full of Trends,
Rothschild Safaris Remains Classic.

From blockchain to bucket hats, there is always something new promising to change up old habits and experiences.

And we get it.

Trends are incredibly exciting and a fresh way to look at the many different parts that make up our lives.

But. When it comes to the perfect adventure holiday, our heads are never easily turned by whatever the latest arrival on the scene is.

Of course, we make sure we are aware of every new adventure, opening, upgrade, and change of management… and then we go see it for ourselves to make sure the reality measures up to the marketing!

Our guests are never the guinea pigs testing the water for us.

At Rothschild Safaris, the only trend we champion consistently is the classic luxury safari.

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What is a Classic Safari?

We answer this question by asking ourselves more questions!

If Hemingway wanted to go on a bespoke African safari today, who would he call?
And what would he demand?

1. A classic safari is a luxurious adventure into the wildest and most remote parts of our world but it also makes excellent use of technology and great design and considers the best conservation and community practices.

2. A classic safari takes you out of your everyday existence and into an experience close to nature (and yourself).

3. A classic safari balances the untamed with moments of exquisite spoiling.

4. A classic safari delivers freedom, astounding numbers of African safari animals, adventure, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

5. A classic safari will change how you see our world.

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The Rothschild Safaris Experience

Online vs. On Point

Why would you use a Travel Designer when a complicated itinerary can be created with a few point and clicks?

The internet was created by the west for the west.

Africa (and other far-flung destinations) remain a little indifferent to full online coverage. While distant natural locations may remain unchanged, third world countries are in the habit of altering their ways constantly. There is much that can change between the time you do your research and when you arrive.

Our Travel Designers live with at least one toe in the countries they work with. They have the latest information and recommendations at their fingertips… and they can seamlessly alter your schedule to ensure you always experience the very best on offer.

You won’t get that from the internet.

Handpicked Partners and Personal Relationships

Quality and reliability are never a given in Africa (or South America, the Pacific or Asia). A specialist in the area you are interested in will have spent decades building up relationships with providers. Trusting your trip to the personal connection we have with your providers on the ground simply means that you will:

  1. only enjoy products and services that are tried and tested and
  2. everyone you meet on safari will have a vested interest in going above and beyond for you.

Our clients regularly benefit from the best African travel guides in the business and the best service.

There is a world of difference between arriving as a Rothschild Safaris guest and finding that you are just another number or name on an email.

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#SafariYourWay is the Only Way

‘Experience is One Thing You Can’t Get for Nothing.’

Oscar Wilde’s words still ring true. You know yourself better than anyone, but a great Travel Designer will know which questions to ask. They will match you to the perfect properties and adventures (and surprises). They will spend time with you in emails and on calls to learn about all your tastes and preferences before they design your safari, and they will be available not only during the booking process but also during your trip.

Flexible and active responses to conversations, requests, and reactions will lead to truly personalized service and a completely tailored African adventure.

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Making Plans is Fun. Planning is Work

Would you cut your own hair or remove your own teeth?

There are many reasons for trusting professionals with specific jobs and services. Saving your own precious time for doing what you love and enjoy might be the best one!

And while we are talking about time – why would anyone think it’s a good idea to trust their precious holiday time to ‘guestimates’ and strangers reviews?

The Travel Designer doesn’t take away the fun of dreaming about your trip, having autonomy over all the little decisions, and choosing experiences that are uniquely suited to you.

A Travel Designer frees you to do more of what you love, enjoy the anticipation, and know you will not have to spend a moment worrying about missing out or suddenly finding yourself in a situation that isn’t practical or worse – may disappoint you.

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More Adventure

When you are confident about your travel itinerary and have complete peace of mind, you are in the best position to extend your boundaries, travel off the beaten track, try brand new experiences and savor that wonderful feeling our daily lives do not allow for all that often – surprising ourselves.

Being open to immersing yourself in a destination will allow you to gain an understanding of a country, the people who call it home, and their culture. And this is how a real passion for adventure grows.

With help and support always only a quick call or email away, you can simply get on with the business of having a fabulous time on your African wildlife safari.

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Je ne sais quois…

When every extra touch is designed with you in mind, a wilderness safari becomes that elusive beast that is…

the trip of a lifetime.

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