At Rothschild Safaris, we love discovering new destinations and experiences. Over the past few years, Chile has emerged as an fabulous adventure destination. And now, with luxury lodges that rival our favorite destinations in Africa – we’re thrilled to launch our newest South America itinerary – the Awasi Experience.

Sure, Chile’s Atacama Desert and Patagonia regions are drop dead gorgeous. But there is SO much more here than sweeping vistas. Here are our favorite things to do in Chile.

Hike to Mirador Cumbre – Patagonia

While in Patagonia, be sure to add this hike to the agenda. Centrally located just east of Lake Pehoé, this short but steep hike rewards you with a spectacular 360-degree view of the park: to the northwest the awe-inspiring Southern Ice Field; to the north the Paine Massif and the famous Horns, with Lake Nordenskjöld at their feet; to the east Sierra Baguales, and to the south Sierra del Toro. High winds are a common feature on this path with its beautiful surroundings, but the presence of Condors is always a magical gift that makes this small effort worthwhile.

Zamora Descent – Patagonia

Experience the thrill of cycling down through a Patagonian forest of lengas and ñirres with magnificent views of the Zamora River and Las Chinas valleys. This route takes us to the estancias located on the border with Argentina and has very little vehicular traffic. After descending 10 km, we reach Laguna Azul, where you will be able to appreciate the intense blue of its waters and, weather permitting, the three Torres del Paine in the background. Amazing!

Base Torres – Patagonia

This challenging trek is the most sought after in the National Park and for a very good reason, the prize being an up-close and personal view of the “Torres”. You will feel that you are standing in the middle of the most famous postcard of the area, just at the base of the towers next to a glacial carved lagoon and witness over 12 million years of geologic mastery in the granite that shaped them. To reach this gem, you will have to negotiate several obstacles: a climb up 800m of irregular terrain, strong winds, changing weather, and different ecosystems.

Puritama Hot Springs – Atacama

The road to the hot springs provides a new view of the Andean mountain range, with marked color changes in its formations and vegetation characterized by the appearance of the first high altitude cacti and tall shrubs.Upon reaching the hot springs, we head down the creek to the pools, which are surrounded by native vegetation that also acts as a shelter for different bird species. There are 7 different pools to choose from, ranging in temperature from 86 degrees F to 92 degrees F, which makes them ideal for relaxation. The quality of the waters and the natural setting invite you to enjoy an unforgettable experience

Highland Salt Flats – Atacama

We leave Awasi heading south and visit the towns of Toconao and Socaire (10.600 FASL). Along the way, we will see different types of landscapes, including dry desserts, small oases, high altitude vegetation and a mountain Landscape in all its magnitude. Intertwined with the scenery, we will be able to see vicunas, among other wild species. We will be surprised by the immensity and inhospitable beauty of the Tuyajtu and Aguas Calientes salt flats – where we will eat lunch – with their turquoise colored ponds inhabited by wild ducks and flamingoes.

Moon Valley – Atacama

We set off west from Awasi towards Moon Valley, specifically towards The Three Marias, which are natural crystallized salt sculptures covered in clay. Here we reach a clearing in the Salt Range and start our hike through abandoned Salt mines.The landscape opens and closes constantly before us, reveal-ing huge walls of compact ash and open sites from which we can gaze out over the Domeyko Range as well as see dunes composed of salt rocks and tiny sculptures.We hike over salt layers, sand dunes and clay until we reach the end of our hike: an impressive dune in the middle of the Salt Range, the reddish purple colors of the Andes and a ma-jestic sunset over the Domeyko range

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