We think we are ready to move our relationship to the next level.

So, we have decided to share some of our secrets with you…

Our Travel Designers start plotting the Perfect Safari Surprises the moment you first book your trip. Consider yourself duly warned as any of these terrible activities might befall you during your journey.

Sink into the most decadent bath in Africa at Cottars 1920’s Camp.

Around ten staff members will cart buckets and buckets of hot water to fill your bathtub.
We know what you are thinking but don’t worry.
The guilt will disappear approximately seven seconds after you lowered yourself into it.

Because a certain amount of bliss simply does not allow room for any other bothersome thoughts.

Book a 5,000-star bed for the night.

It might be the perceived vulnerability (don’t worry, every bed is designed with safety in mind).
Or the canopy of stars.

But, sleeping out in Africa is an experience that will live large in your memory forever.

Take a Balloon Safari.

The excitement is palpable and the views are incredible.

As more people travel to Africa it becomes a little more difficult to find a unique point of view. Not from a hot-air balloon though.

Zoom low level over the Okavango in a helicopter.

The doors are off and you can almost reach out and touch the wilderness blurring into the distance below you.

A helicopter is an incredible way to transfer from one Camp to another in the Okavango.

Walk with orphaned Ellie babies at Stanley’s and Baines Camp in the Okavango.

Elephants have very strong social structures and when they are young they are completely dependent on their mother and their family.

Orphaned Ellies need constant interaction and will accept humans when their first choice of species has been pulled out from under them.

Walking with the babies will give you a beautiful insight into their care and you will be blessed with a deep understanding of our earth’s giants.

Experience the sundowner’s choir at the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge.

We gravitate toward the sound of a human voice. In fact, our survival depends on it.

Combine this first love with the edge of the most storied plain of Africa and you may understand everything in the universe — for at least as long as the choir is singing.

Take in the wild yonder from the back of a camel at Lewa.

Oh. Camels!

They are unruly and slightly unpredictable and we are quite certain they have a truly superb sense of humor. Life is better with a camel. Taking a camel safari is life.

Enjoy a fabulous bottle of wine from the Rothschild cellar at the Cape Grace.

How seriously do you take your vintage?

{insert any answer}

We have you covered.

Take a private tour of one of Africa’s most exciting art exhibitions
with a curator at the Silo Hotel.

It is one of the most anticipated projects of the century. Thomas Heatherwick’s architecture combined with an astounding collection of African Art that might be without equal.

You are very welcome.

Meet internationally renowned graffiti artist Mak1 and
make your mark with your own graffiti in Cape Town.

Why hasn’t dreamt of being a graffiti artist?

And if you haven’t – shouldn’t you consider the notion?

We say… try everything once. Preferably with the kind assistance of an expert. Of course.

Kayak the Cape Peninsula to see the Penguins at Boulder’s beach.

Many people drive to Boulder’s beach to see the famous penguin colonies.

We regularly tend to buck the trend – and if you enjoy being a little more active on your trips kayaking around the Cape to find the penguins is a perfect alternative.