We recently wrote about the 5 Best Places to Hot Air Balloon Ride in Africa. Now we want to take a look at all the ways that you can enjoy an aerial safari, because a change in perspective adds an element of awe and adventure!

Aerial Safari Option 1: Helicopter

A helicopter safari is a fun and exciting way to see the bush from above. Your guide will take you to a designated helicopter landing spot, and the pilot will meet you and discuss safety before leading you onto the helicopter. You buckle up and strap on your headsets, which allow you to communicate with the pilot, then take off! The pilot will point out wildlife below and tell you about the geographical and ecological features of the region. Scan the landscape for wildlife that is sometimes difficult to spot on the ground. If you are in a watery region, you will probably see hippos bathing.

helicopter_safariAerial Safari Option 2: Light Aircraft

So much more than just a way to transfer from place to place, you can see some amazing wildlife from the comfort of your airplane seat. If your safari includes light aircraft transfers, you can expect to board a small aircraft (between 5 and 12 seats). The flight will may stop at various airstrips en-route to your destination depending on where they are dropping off or picking up other passengers. You can peer down at winding rivers, and catch glimpses of giraffes and elephants below.


Aerial Safari Option 3: Hot Air Balloon

This may be the most peaceful way to go on safari, allowing you to float silently above the landscape when the gas is turned down or off. There is also an element of adventure, as you are dependent on the winds. No two hot air balloon safaris are the same as you are always floating where the winds take you that day. For this type of aerial adventure, you can expect to depart your camp very early in the morning (as early as 5 am) and head out to the launch site. You will see the pilots getting the balloons inflated and ready to go, and then you will get into the basket. Balloons hold between 8 and 24 people, depending on size. You will float with the air currents, and the pilot will control your elevation. The ride lasts between 1 and 2 hours, depending on the air currents. Afterwards, you will enjoy a champagne breakfast.


Aerial Safari Option 4: Private Jet

Nothing offers up more flexibility and convenience than a private jet. During these tours, you have headphones so that you can listen to your pilot narrate about the wildlife below. Check out this itinerary that includes a private jet.

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