In the northern frontier of Kenya lies the Namunak Wildlife Conservancy, an area of 850,000 acres of pristine wilderness in the Mathews Range. The savannah plains and lush mountain slopes are home to elephant, leopard, reticulated giraffe, wild dog and kudu in ever increasing numbers. This remote and dramatic landscape is also home to the local Samburu people, who partake in a very special experience only at Sarara – the ‘singing wells.’

Sarara Camp is definitely the place you go to if you crave isolation, as it is the only camp in nearly a million acres of untamed bush. A truly magical place, a joint venture between the Bastard family and the local Samburu community. The camp has panoramic views of the Mathews Range and delivers on a myriad of wildlife.

We use this camp for people who like off-the-beaten track and who have a real sense of adventure. For active types, the walking and hiking is ideal with waterfalls and natural pools abound. This camp is also a great fit for families because of its outstanding array of activities.