The sights and sounds of the river and the great variety of adventures to be had along its banks and the surrounding woodlands and open sand rivers make this property special. Sleeping in open-fronted rooms and being close to nature while enjoying all the comforts of a conventional lodge, and being completely safe. Fabulous sightings of the river’s residents and great birding as well as plenty of big mammals; visits to Stieglers Gorge, Kidai Island, Hot Springs and Lake Tagalala are special experiences.

Walking in the Selous has more to do with state of mind than the state of your body! Walking is about an approach to game viewing – a receptiveness that’s just hard to get in a vehicle – rather than a question of fitness. Time on foot is an opportunity to engage your senses and this is something you’ll quickly pick up on as you leave camp – accompanied by an armed ranger – in the cool of the early morning or late afternoon. The best walks are those where you travel at a gentle pace and probably don’t cover much distance – a few miles in an hour – stopping often to listen and look.

We love Sand River Selous as a way to experience the amazing wildlife of Tanzania in a park that is off the beaten path.