Win or lose, good or bad, the experience will change you.

So, when we go searching for new ways to get under the skin of a destination we are extremely picky.

Ozzy has been creating travel experiences for Rothschild Safari guests in Cape Town over the last couple of years. Like Istanbul (the city of his birth) Ozzy does not think small or color inside the lines. Every moment is a celebration and an opportunity. Every activity is crafted to surprise and delight.

But that wasn’t enough.

Now, Ozzy wants to bring the legends of Africa to the party. And he has a little help from Dawn Jorgenson who knows a thing or two about travel herself.

Listen to our Podcast with Dawn and Ozzy here.


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Learn more about Ozzy and Dawn here.

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Our greeting in this podcast is:

Moni! Muli Bwanji

This means “Hello, How are you?” in the Chewa language

Chewa (/ˈɛwə/), also known as Nyanja (/ˈnjænə/), is a language of the Bantu language family. The noun class prefix chi- is used for languages,[4]so the language is usually called Chichewa and Chinyanja (spelled Cinianja in Mozambique). In Malawi, the name was officially changed from Chinyanja to Chichewa in 1968 at the insistence of President Hastings Kamuzu Banda (himself of the Chewa people), and this is still the name most commonly used in Malawi today.[5] In Zambia, the language is generally known as Nyanja or Cinyanja/Chinyanja ‘(language) of the lake’ (referring to Lake Malawi).[6]

Source: Wikipedia

Images courtesy of Finding Dan | Dan Grinwis and Travel Designer