Perched on the edge of the Crater, the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge offers an amazing view point of the world renowned Ngorongoro crater. Our favorite time of day is at dawn and dusk as the sun rises or goes down in a cloud of orange dust.

Here Versailles meets Maasai and this dramatic contrast adds to the magic of the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge experience. Divided into three camps, 30 stilted suites with banana leaf ceilings provide an intimate crater experience. Each of the three camps have its own sitting and dining areas, keeping things private and intimate.

Here choose from a selection of optional activities. Listen to the rhythm of Africa with a performance by local drummers that takes place on the front lawn, get to know the Hadzabe bushmen and gain insight and understanding into their lives, history and culture, or get another perspective of the crater with a crater floor banquet or crater view walk.