Every few months, we come across a new article that illustrates a different way to get a “deal” on an African Safari. These articles offer ways to save a buck, but they are often seriously flawed. The cost saving measures you generally find in these articles dramatically and negatively impact the overall safari experience.

Because our travelers often ask about these articles, we’ve gotten used to explaining the pros- and cons- of using some of these tricks to save money on safaris in Africa. The bottom line is that they are not always your best bet to get the most value from you African safari.

Traveling in the Off Season = Less Game

If you travel to Africa in the low season, you will usually find discounted rates. However, if your main objective is to experience the magnificent and abundant wildlife of Africa (as is the case with most of our travelers) this discounted pricing could come at the expense of your wildlife encounters.

During the low (or green) season, you’ll be able to enjoy prolific birdlife, but thanks to long grass and sometimes impassable roads due to the rains, your ability to reach game and get the best locations will be impaired.

While “green season” rates are typically about 30% off high season prices, we don’t always think this trade-off is the best value for our clients traveling to Africa.

Be Wary of Camps Offering Steep Discounts

The very best African safari camps book up nearly one year out and simply don’t discount. Be cautious if you see a camp offering direct-to-consumer, steep discounts.

Be cautious of rates published in anything but USD

While there is some truth obviously in the fluctuation of the South African Rand, don’t expect to see any tour company setting the Rand rate and not adjusting this at the time of travel.

You probably won’t want to spend five nights in one place

Most people don’t want to spend five nights in one safari camp. Staying in one camp for that many nights might get you a free night, but when you (most travelers) have limited time to experience Africa or any other destination, staying in one place becomes less valuable. Why would anyone want to spend all their time in one area? We plan itineraries to accomplish your objectives and give you a trip of a lifetime, plain and simple.

Our super experienced team is more than happy to chat about these and any other questions you may have. Please contact us today to start planning your next adventure!