The magnitude of adjustments made by each person in our world as a result of Covid-19 has been nothing shy of remarkable. During these complicated and disruptive times, my faith in humanity soars as I read countless heartwarming stories of people sharing supplies, resources, and encouragement in new and creative ways. I am also inspired by the grace shown by those who are faced with having to adjust the dates of their dream trip. This includes newlyweds who have had to put off their honeymoons, much anticipated multi-generation family getaways, and those celebrating major milestones like recovering from an illness or a monumental birthday. As we all work to define a new normal, a cherished quote from John Wooden comes to mind. “Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out”. Thank you for your grace and understanding during these unprecedented days and weeks. We will get through this.

And though I hope this goes without saying, I will say it none-the-less, the safety of our loved ones, our colleagues and our travelers remains our unending focus. The importance of working together and keeping the lines of communication open has never been more imperative. I encourage you to reach out to a Rothschild Safaris team member at 800.405.9463 if you have questions or concerns specific to your trip.

Travel bans and restrictions are popping up at an unprecedented rate. We are doing what we can to minimize the impact of these unforeseen travel disruptions. We understand the disappointment and inconvenience of having to postpone your trip, and we share your disappointment. However, the safety and comfort of our travelers is paramount. We have been diligently working on identifying alternative dates of travel for our travelers scheduled to depart on a Rothschild Safaris trip between now and throughout the summer.

While for some, the prospects of postponing a trip may not be possible, we strongly urge people to think “postponement” instead of “cancellation.” Our lifelong partners on the ground have been wonderfully flexible helping us identify new travel dates; in many cases 12 months into the future. Conversely, outright trip cancellations carry penalties that we cannot recoup regardless of the prevailing travel bans.

On a personal note, I am evermore proud of our dedicated and seasoned travel professionals who have been working tirelessly to minimize the impacts of Covid-19 on our travelers. I feel blessed to have amassed such an incredible work family here at Rothschild Safaris. And now, as many of our team members and travelers are asked to shelter in place, my thoughts are again with you. I hope you use the time to give extra hugs to loved ones and enjoy a few movies and books that have collected dust on your shelves.

We hope to see you soon on the plains of Africa, amongst the beaches of Australia, on the islands of the Galapagos, and sipping tea on the serene Indian subcontinent.

Yours in travel,

Leora Rothschild

Please check this link from the State Department which contains the most current status of travel restrictions.


Standard cancellation penalties still apply to all bookings. View our booking terms and conditions here.