How to Know the Best Local Food When You Travel.

There are few better ways to learn about a culture than to join the people of a country at their table.

Unfortunately for the modern traveler, it has become alarmingly easy to skip the local cuisine entirely in favor of food that is not only entirely recognizable to our eyes but also to our palates. We seek to enhance your experience with local food both within your comfort zone and outside of it.

Ready to Explore the World of Local Food?

The Little Guide to Safari Food Wherever You Travel has a List of the Best Food in all the Most Interesting Countries Around the World.

If you travel to explore and adventure, you might revel in the words (an exercise and excitement all in itself for our mouths!) and the ingredients that they will reveal upon a little delving and research. You will certainly spot the spoor of history in the pasta that is still enjoyed in Tunisia and the Portuguese flavors so prevalent in Mozambique… it is easy to pick up on similar tribes through similarities in their food throughout regions, and of course, we can also track economies and politics by following grains from America to Africa, for instance.

As one of the great statesmen of Africa said:

He who feeds you, controls you. Thomas Sankara

Our Little Guide to Local Food Wherever You Go was designed to help you explore cultures and worlds and cuisines and ideas and histories. As that is a big task for a little guide we will be serving the different parts of the story separately. You may think of it as a tasting menu.

So, in the first guide, you will be introduced to the names of the most popular, the most unique and the most flavorful dishes from countries throughout South America, Africa, and Asia.

When you sign up for this download you will automatically receive the additional chapters as they are published… we will take you through the history of the different ingredients and dishes. How they arrived at their destinations, why they became popular, why the local people still eat them and how food has shaped the places we travel to. There will also be recipes, ideas, and tips for trying the food we discuss at home… and for preparing yourself to try it when you are traveling.

Whether you are a foodie or simply consider nourishment a necessary add-on to your day or your holiday; if you love travel, the stories of the food at any destination will enrich your understanding of other cultures and add an extra dimension to your trip or your dreams.

Let’s make EVERY trip to Africa or Beyond truly memorable… at EVERY table you dine.