Leora Rothschild has been at the helm of Rothschild Safaris for over two decades.

She has kissed Big and been declared the best at what she does by her guests and her peers countless times. How do you sustain growth over an extended period? What is the biggest challenge today and what does she want for the future?

During a conversation that was surprisingly intimate and honest, Leora answered all the most pressing questions and gave us a unique insight into her life.

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Kinyarwanda (IPA: [iciɲɑɾɡwɑːndɑ] or IPA: [iɟiɲɑɾgwɑ:ndɑ]), known as Urufumbira in Kisoro, Uganda, is an official language of Rwanda and a dialect of the Rwanda-Rundi language spoken by at least 12 million people in Rwanda, Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo and adjacent parts of southern Uganda (the mutually intelligible Kirundi dialect is the official language of neighboring Burundi). Kinyabwisha and Kinyamulenge are the mutually intelligible dialects spoken in North Kivu and South Kivu provinces of neighboring DR Congo.

Kinyarwanda is one of the four official languages of Rwanda (along with English, French, and Kiswahili) and is spoken by almost all of the native population. That contrasts with most modern African states, whose borders were drawn by colonial powers and do not correspond to ethnic boundaries or pre-colonial kingdoms.

Source: Wikipedia

Imagery © Caren Banks; © emperorcosar – stock.adobe.com