OK. Just so we are all on the same page here: what follows are suggestions intended as gifts you buy for other people who love traveling.

If you buy something from this list for yourself by accident please don’t blame us. {We are very busy dealing with our own guilt resulting from regular accidental travel purchases. 🛫 🎁 🛬}

Making memories – Keeping memories

Gifting for Travelers Inhouse design

/// 1. Our great search for a truly epic water bottle may finally be at an end with this Memo bottle. // Young, old or somewhere in between. We all love the idea of marking our travels on a beautiful map right? // 2. A magnetic globe is a super plan as the entire family can share it if you pick individual colors for every traveler. // 4. And this gold foil scratch map is an old favorite. // 3. Life happens – even when you are traveling. Don’t let water, dust or a dropping accident spoil the fun – live beyond the limits with a Lifeproof case instead. // 5. The Paravel fold up backpack is one of our two picks from Oprah’s Favorite Things list. // 6. Keep a journal when you travel (we know this can be hard so we always carry a truly special journal to keep us writing regularly.) ///

Winning the 📸 Game

/// 1. Have you been looking for an incredibly compact camera that allows you to leave the DLSR at home? Meet the SONY RX100V1 ! For a more affordable version, the Sony Rx100 III-V remains a great buy. // 2. This camera is a great mirrorless option. // 3. The Sony DSC-QX10/W Smartphone Attachable 4.45-44.5mm Lens is a clever smartphone hack for incredible photographs. //4. For wide angles try the Moment. // 5. Is that a drone in your pocket? The Airselfie  AS2 redefines portability. It is the thinnest, lightest flying camera. //6. Update all your adventure filming ambitions with the latest GoPro HERO7. ///

Staying Cozy

Gifting for Travelers Inhouse design

/// 1. Compression socks are for clever travelers (the Olympic team never goes anywhere without them). // 2. Oprah thinks this Fluxus Nomad scarf is a must-have. // 3. This Uniqlo Ultralight Down Hooded Coat will keep you cozy… and folds up SUPER small. // 4. You’ve probably seen the full Ostrich pillow by now and decided you could not possibly commit. The mini version called the Ostrich Go pillow might change your mind. // 5. Thinking of trying a new travel pillow? Give the scientifically proven TRTL a go. ///

Charge it, Organise it

Gifting for Travelers Inhouse design

/// 1. If you want function AND a little more form than is usually achieved by adaptors opt for the Dandelion. // 2. This Leatherology cord wrap set is pretty swanky. And it comes in many colors! // 3. One adaptor for all your traveling needs? Done. // 4. Add an excellent surge protector. // 5. Get Bagsmart and organize all your pesky tech cords! // 6. The Leadtry Power Bank had us at ‘comes with a built-in flashlight’. ///

Clever little luxuries

/// 1. There is much to be said for having hands-free light when you venture off the beaten track. This little headlamp can be charged by USB so you never have to worry about batteries again. // 2.Over 600 experiences in more than 100 countries for 1 or 2 people. Give stories, not stuff with the Tinggly Bucketlist // 3. There is something deliciously ‘last century adventurer’ about this gorgeous compass wouldn’t you agree? // 4. Gift a beautiful treat. // 5. A great travel yoga mat is a thing of beauty. Try this one. // 6. A photography course for beginners. ///

Onboard Bliss

/// 1. The Pinch Provisions Tech Kit includes: Phone camera lens, 3-in-1 charging cable, Mini stylus, Microfiber cloth, Wall charger, Phone/Tablet stand Earbuds, Earbud wrapper, Cord organizer and a Password hint list. // 2. Or the Pinch Provisions Travel Kit with: Earbuds, Mending kit, Safety pin, Nail clipper, Lip Balm, Stain Remover, Facial Tissue, Hand lotion, Eye mask, Earplugs, Wrinkle Remover, Breath drops, Phone/Tablet stand, Mini combe with Hair Bands, Pill container, Dental Floss, Deodorant Towelette. // 3. Only hear what you want to. Leora Rothschild swears by her wireless Bose quiet control noise-canceling earbuds and QuietComfort headphones. // 4. If you want to spend a little less these Sennheiser earbuds are what you need. // 5. Rebel against Economy class with the Jet&Bo Luxury Cashmere amenity kit for everyone. // 6. The ultimate eye mask (with or without lavender) from Masters of Mayfair. ///

Sartorial Edge

/// 1. Packing cubes or the Origami Unicorn if packing cubes is a step too far but you like keeping your underwear organized. // 2. These sneaky bag scarves are genius. // 3. Do you hate packing? Or know someone who can’t stand it. Vacay Style might be the perfect gift. // 4. Rainbow sandals. Because… perfection can be achieved. // 5. A silk kimono // 6. For the Indiana Jones in your life. Hat nirvana. ///

For Little Adventurers

Gifting for Travelers Inhouse design

/// 1. OMG – this ZincFlyte is love at first sight! // 2. Mini Kick scooter. // 3. LilGadgets  or Snugplay headphones // 4. Animal travel pillow (because traveling with a friend is always better. // 5. Kidwinz shockproof binoculars for little ones so they don’t have to struggle with big binos on Safari! // 6. VTech Kidzoom camera ///

Gifting for Travelers Inhouse design

/// 1. Mini board games are always winners! // 2. Make travel your family’s Time to Talk. // 3. Board without the bored. Loaded questions. // 4. Best ever Backseat Games + Games on the Go. // 5. UNO Emoji? We are in! // 6. My Travel Journal. ///

PS: No actual Elephant was made to carry flowers in the making of this feature image
(We believe Elephants should be free and wild wherever possible… also, we know the Elephant will probably EAT the flowers.)