Christine and Pip Gilmour recently returned from a Southern Africa Safari in South Africa and Botswana.

How was your travel experience?

I am stunned by all of you at Rothschild Safaris. Everything you put in place went smoothly but beyond that you informed the lodges about us. Two of the lodges put on something special for my birthday which was fantastic fun. We went into this without expectations but came away now with the highest expectations based on this wonderful experience. Thank you for all the incredible memories that we made on this holiday adventure.

What was your most memorable experience?

At Sabi Sand Game Reserve we stayed at Cheetah Plains. Craig, our guide was exceptional. On three of our drives we saw leopards but one in particular will stay with me forever. A female was lying across the road taking in the morning sun. She posed in every way possible for us in profile, portrait, laying down, standing up, sitting – she was magnificent!

What was the biggest surprise?

The tented safari at Camp Moremi amazed me how comfortable they made the experience. I was excited about going there and was very impressed with how well they are able to give you the feeling of sleeping in the bush with animals scrupling about combined with comfort and cleanliness. The food at all the locations was also a real surprise in variety, quality, presentation and service – exceptional. The service put restaurants in Washington DC to shame.

What advice you would give to other travelers?

Take fewer clothes. We packed light but still we needed less but depending on where you’re going be prepared for both chilly and hot weather. Our down jackets in Sabi were a life saver and shorts and t-shirts in Chobe were a relief.

Both my mum and I were kept well informed about planning, changes, options etc.

How would you rate your guides?

The guides were very good

Who would you recommend this trip to?

Anyone who loves wildlife and adventure but needs someone to plan and coordinate the myriad of logistics involved in designing a multi-country safari.