A Safari might look very different from your day job on Instagram… but our packing advice is just another part of ours.

The Rothschild Safaris Team spend a lot of time on the road, traveling from camp to camp. On the surface, their job resembles a Safari holiday, but the reality is quite different. They are often moving through properties much faster than guests would, and they participate in a maximum number of activities to ensure they can fully understand each one. At the same time, they are preparing reports, taking photographs, filling in questionnaires and making their own notes for future travelers.

All of this means there will be no time to wonder about what to wear and no room for error. Quite simply, their packing skills need to be on point.

How do they do it?

Like this…

When you pack for your safari you need to put your clothes out and then test each item for the following:

Is it versatile? Can you wear it with various other items and will it go seamlessly from day to night?

Is it durable? African laundry, Safari vehicles, and the bush can be harsh on fabric, so you want to be realistic about packing strong material.

Is it practical? Great pockets for your lip balm, a comfortable fit and moisture-wicking fabric that doesn’t get dirty or crease ticks all the boxes.

Small Things = Big Difference

Sports bras for bumpy rides

Quick-dry underwear

Anything that will secure your long hair in an up-do

Great sunglasses that protect your eyes.

A set of merino thermals in winter (or anywhere that gets cold at night… especially if you plan to sleep out)

Pockets… they really are the very best invention ever. Try to include a couple per outfit if you can.

Good Safari Shoe Choices

Chelsea boots (easy pull on/ pull off. Great to walk in but stylish enough to wear out)

Ballet flats for airports and air travel

Flip Flops for lounging

Do Bring

Travel fleece and a waterproof top

If you are comfortable wearing them, leggings work very well

Numbers and Colors

Don’t overpack. Remember that laundry will be done daily.

Neutral colors are great. They will certainly make you look the part and they WILL DO their part in not showing dirt quickly, colors attract wildlife and will make you stand out.

Two BIG no-no’s:

Never wear blue in an area that may have Tsetse flies.

Never pack any camouflage as this can land you in trouble with some government and military agencies throughout Africa.


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