Leora gives advice on camp styles, how to choose the best wildlife areas, what you should consider before booking your trip and what Rothschild Safaris does best: Contact us to learn more about a Botswana Safari for you.

Leora travels to Botswana to get the scoop:
On her travels through Botswana, Leora wanted to see every area to ensure she got a grip on exactly what was going on during the floods, speak to the local guides and then work out a plan for our Rothschild clients. Leora’s spent a month traveling through areas such as Chobe, Savute, Linyanti, Selinda, Okavango Delta and the Moremi, staying at a variety of different camps along the way from the more basic mobile set up camps to permanent tented camps. What Leora discovered was that many of the camps that used to have tons of wildlife had indeed changed and that is is so important more than ever to ensure you are going to be staying in an area within northern Botswana that has more than just impala grazing on the open plains.

Our promise to our clients
With us you will quickly find out that it’s not the bottom dollar that is our focus. Our goal has always been to satisfy our clients, in doing so we insist that they stay in areas where there is “wildlife” as funny as that may sound we would never want someone to end up in a camp and all they see is impala and birdlife. You spend so much money flying to Africa and getting into these remote camps, it is imperative to do your homework on where to stay or you will end up not seeing much at all! We feel so strongly about each of our clients having an authentic trip that if we feel our clients do not have the budget to stay in wildlife rich areas within Botswana we rather forgo a booking than know they are spending all that money to go and not see much. Or offer you alternate destination.

How to choose a camp
On a typical safari we like to choose up to 3 different wildlife areas within Botswana reached only by charter plane. The camps we love for our clients have their own identity, feel and character. Many other safari companies don’t offer too many choices and work with just a one or two operators in Botswana, we however have the ability to book our clients into any camp or lodge within Botswana as we have set up relationships with the camp owners over our 20+ years of safari planning and so are able to best mix and match a variety of camps from each of the different safari operators which creates the best itinerary for our clients.

We custom craft itineraries for our clients choosing camps that are appropriate for their travel style. Another very popular way to travel through Botswana is on an “explorer” type of safari where you travel with a small group, partly by plane and partly by overland safari vehicle (this type of safari keeps costs down). The explorer safaris tend to be for the more adventurous person who does not mind more of a rustic bush camp experience with chemical toilet and bucket showers.

Camps range in style from vintage bush camps to the more elaborate premier camps. For families there are some great family camps with interleading rooms (see our family section for more on family travel). As we have been to most camps in Botswana once we get to know you over the phone, we can guide you on the best type of camp for you and your family.

Botswana’s floods:
After the floods we saw important changes in vegetation structures and the resultant movement of the animal life. All over northern Botswana the effects of the floods have been felt. Many areas where game drives used to be possible have been closed for extended periods and many camps are operating more water activities than normal. There is a strong possibility that buffalo numbers may increase throughout the delta and may spread into areas that have been absent from for some time. Elephant will become largely absent from the very central delta, but will take advantage of the increased food and water available along the edges of the Okavango, the Savute and even in areas around Boteti.

Beyond Botswana
Our experience goes way beyond Botswana. We will effortlessly combine other destinations with your Botswana Safari if that is what you are looking for.

 About Leora Rothschild, Southern Africa is her home away from home!

I am from South Africa (now living in Denver, Colorado).  I spent years traveling through Southern Africa, taking groups to some of the most remote areas within Africa. If you have a question, ask me, I am certain to know the answer. We always try to incorporate those very raw, authentic and off the beaten path experiences into our clients trips as this is what I experienced growing up, traveling with my family to the bush, sleeping under the stars and sitting around a camp fire. To me that is Africa, not the large Game Lodges, not the fancy swimming pools (which certainly have their place ie. with kids) and not the focus being on food. Yes you will stay in amazing camps, eat incredible food and perhaps even have a pool here and there but focus should be first and foremost on the wildlife. That is what Africa is all about. I have a solid and incredible team who have traveled extensively themselves throughout Africa and are just delightful to work with. Between us we will plan an amazing wildlife experience for you whether you are a single traveler (we can join you on the right group), a honeymoon couple or a family. We will not disappoint!

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