‘What can we bring with us that might be useful?’

We hear this beautiful question so often.

And the answer can be a little complicated. Because we care deeply about communities in all the locations and at all the properties we support. How communities are considered remains a key factor in our choice of operator.

The intention behind most charity is very good.

The effects of charity can be terrible.

From volunteering to visiting we want to ensure that maximum benefit and reward is always the result.

How do we know what a community needs?

We always, always ask them.

It is impossible to apply your own ideas or preferred outcomes to another culture or community. Tourism is an incredibly valuable source of income and international communication for many countries throughout Africa. This is your guide to getting it right:

If you would like to travel with articles that may be easy for you to acquire and will make a difference to a community in Africa do use

Pack for a Purpose

A large number of service groups work throughout Africa. They are dedicated to improving both the environment and living standards in Africa. The focus may be on wellness, healthcare or awareness, it may take the form of personal and self-support and supply of basic requirements such as a place to sleep, to bath and eat. There are many educational groups focusing on local schools and, of course, groups working to support wildlife and the environment.

Pack for a Purpose is a matchmaking service that connects travelers with up to date information regarding the supplies requested by community-based projects around the globe. Everything you bring as a donation will be directly delivered to the project of your choice by your lodge.

All the lists provided are very thoroughly researched and should be considered exhaustive. The lists are carefully curated to contain the items that will provide the best long-term benefits.

Always consider your luggage allowance and the Customs Rules and Regulations in effect at the specific time of travel to the country you will visit. This is especially important if you plan to travel with requested medications. Even over-the-counter medications may be prohibited in some countries.

Remember that many countries throughout Africa have banned ALL PLASTIC BAGS (even re-usable ones) so be sure to travel without them.

You might want to remove original packaging to save space unless the packaging is intended to prevent breakage.

All medication must have an expiration date that extends at least eight months beyond your arrival.

Do place expensive medical equipment in your carry-on luggage.

If you are bringing soccer balls gently deflate them by moistening an inflation needle, inserting it into the valve and applying pressure to the ball. Deflated balls can be stacked to save space.

Start (or Continue) to Support a Community

Use Give as You Live or Amazon Smile will take the guilt right out of shopping as a percentage of everything you spend is donated to your selected charity. There is no downside and it is extremely straightforward (and won’t cost you anything).

Is the program I am thinking of supporting reputable?

All the groups we recommend for you to support will carry our endorsement. If you would like to research a charity through objective ratings you can use a website like Charity Navigator.

Speak to your Travel Designer about intelligent donations that are guaranteed to change lives in Africa during your Safari today.

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