One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.

Paulo Coelho


It is almost impossible to ignore the idea of having a bucket list.

Part of the fun is adding more ideas to what we might want to do with the time we have.

And have we got a perfectly inspired idea for you:

If Peru has not been on your list we would like to suggest that you consider it now.

Before it is too late.

The birthplace of Paddington Bear, Indiana Jones, and the Incas offers us an astounding introduction to the delicate cultures of both ancient and modern humans. And so much more.

One of the Seven Wonders

Machu Picchu is a classic travel stop. A miraculous archaeological site that has become a modern must-see… but if culture is the element that infuses your trips with meaning, learning and understanding then you are about to open a veritable treasure chest in Peru.

Caren in Peru standing at Machu Picchu

Time travel

Peru boasts 5000 years of history. And here, the crafts, dances, hunting techniques, and traditions of vanishing peoples are all within your reach. With only 100 uncontacted tribes remaining on earth, this is a chance to engage with the past in a way that will disappear within your children’s or grandchildren’s lifetime.

No more FOMO

It will be difficult to find a member of your family who is not satisfied with the adventure that awaits in Peru. From gentle day trips including frequent stops and a surprise picnic complete with a blessing… to hang-gliding with Condors some of the most epic mountaineering expeditions on the planet, and everything in between. Peru brings the goods to the table.

Mr. Greystoke, we presume

The Amazon might not be in Africa but there is nothing else we hold against it. And the Peruvian Amazon is that miracle of our modern earth: A pristine wilderness that is remote enough to have survived Homo Sapiens. From the Ceiba tree that the Mayans believed to be the centre of the universe to the incredibly rare animals you encounter.

And more Amazing Animals

Who does not want to meet a Llama? Who did not know they are a relative of the camel? And if THAT doesn’t make you incredibly excited to travel to Peru then we can also tempt you with a pygmy marmoset or a darling sloth. Or will a jaguar, ocelot, and piranha excite you more? We leave you with two final words to think about: Pink Dolphin.

A City of Kings

A coastal desert overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Lima appears in every top 10 World’s best culinary destinations list… and chock full of historical charm too.

And a Reclaimed Port

In Callau the residents have taken the city back from gangs, crime and out-of-control drug trafficking. It is a miracle of civic might.

Nom nom nom

Authentic Peruvian cuisine is addictive. The chefs are masters at creating an orchestra from the local flavours. And teaching you their secrets seems like a national pastime with cooking (and Pisco sour) classes available everywhere.

Oh, What Wonders, you will See

Rainbow mountains, male and female turquoise lakes created by melting glaciers and surrounded by incredible flora, and a White City built from volcanic stone.

A Llama saying No ProbLlama


Whether you consider yourself a metro-traveller, a bohemian, a culture junky, an adventure seeker, a foodie, a history buff, or art crazy, Peru should be on your bucket list already.