For nearly two decades, we’ve had the extreme pleasure of showing thousands of travelers the magic of Africa.

The joy of seeing with the world’s most magnificent wildlife, interacting with exotic cultures and experiencing the high-level of service on safari are what make our journeys to Africa so memorable.

But many of you have been asking, “what’s next?”

Over the past few years we’ve quietly been pushing into new destinations. Our team has been hard at work, developing trips that replicate our successful formula created in Africa, and applying this to new and exciting destinations.

So if you’re asking “what’s next” be sure to read on for some inspiration, and reasons to act now in booking your adventure for 2016. We look forward to showing you the world beyond Africa!

If you’re a wildlife nut – Don’t miss the Galapagos!

Ecuador is home to the legendary Galápagos Islands with its remarkable variety of wildlife not found anywhere else on earth. Wildlife that is comfortable around humans, enabling you to get close for some amazing experiences, and photos!

Galapagos islands

But don’t miss mainland Ecuador while you’re there. A fabulous destination in its own right with the magnificent Andes, pulsing Amazon rainforest, rich Andean history and culture, colorful towns and festivals, hospitable people and plenty of adventure, there is so much to see in Ecuador. Have a look at our complete collection of Galapagos and Ecuador trip options here.

If you loved getting active in Africa – Peru is for You!

A mélange of cultures, excellent food, stunning scenery, Inca fortresses, a thriving modern capital, and more than 25 diverse climates and ecosystems, Peru is a treasure trove to explore. Explore the mysticism, sacred traditions, way-of-life and markets of Peru’s numerous indigenous communities.

Mysterious city - Machu Picchu, Peru,South America. The Incan ruins

Cruise down the Amazon River. Visit charming colonial towns. Travel to Lake Titicaca and its floating reed islands. Have a look at our adventures here.

Keen on ancient cultures and architecture – book a trip to Nepal!

Soaring Himalaya mountain peaks, charming foothill villages, lowland plains and sub-tropical forests, and rivers coursing through it all, Nepal spans a remarkable range of altitude, scenery and activities in such a small country. Full of ancient cities and architecture, Nepal is also home to some world class wildlife viewing including tiger, rhino and elephant. Legendary hospitality, festivals and rich traditions of the Nepali people abound. This custom Nepal journey is one of our favorites!

Thinking about exploring a new destination this year? Contact us to begin planning!