Surround yourself with travelers and you will never run out of ideas for when a little thoughtfully considered indulgence is called for.

Even when some of the people you intend to spoil belong to the Awkward-Folk-who-Already-own-Everything Club. In fact, travel related gifts are so good they should be considered an incentive to book a trip even when one was not previously planned.

For when you foresee jetlag

(1) A Martini detox bath soak for taking the edge off during turbulent times. This one promises to center body and spirit… and if it doesn’t do that, it will at least relax your neck and shoulders!

(2) This beautiful White Stone Diffuser is hand-crafted from the most incredible porcelain and its ultrasonic technology will allow you to diffuse your essential oils without losing their integrity. Also has an optional light for ambience.

(3) The Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase is a game changer. The power of copper ions will maintain the skin’s youthful appearance and minimize visible signs of aging. Basically, a smart pillowcase.

(4) Spray Caudalíe on your face to treat dull complexion, as a cleanser, brightener and use as an after-shave.

For when you absolutely have to be remembered

(1) Spitfires cufflinks for a gentleman with an understanding of history and a fine sense of humor.

(2) The Vintage Alhambra is faithful to the original created in 1968. Inspired by the clover leaf, these icons of luck are adorned with a border of golden beads.

(3) An Embossed Burberry check tie bar.

(4) When Chrissie Evert stopped play to search for her diamond bracelet a legend was born. Buy a platinum diamond tennis bracelet for someone willing to wear the story.

(5) The uniquely square Bell & Ross BR 03 Diver.

(6) Cartier’s Tank Française is an update on the 1917 tank watch. It will take you from continent to continent and day to evening without a flutter.

(7) A child of the 1970’s, the LOVE collection remains an iconic symbol of love that moves effortlessly through the times. We love that it comes with a screwdriver. Unisex.

For improving the experience


(1) Puffy pillows are very last whatever, darlings. The classy, scarf like Trtl is what sleeping on board is all about now.

(2) What does anyone really want from headphones? Great sound and barely there technology. Bose StayHear®+ tips and Volume-optimized EQ with Bluetooth has every frequency covered.

(3) A Large Classic Cashmere Burberry Scarf that was made at a 200-year-old mill in the Scottish countryside using 30 different steps on traditional looms. Before being washed in local spring water and carefully brushed with teasels for a super-soft finish. All that is left is for you to personalize it with up to three initials. (Teasels is SUCH a great word!)

(4) Airlines specialize in flying. Masters of Mayfair specialize in sleep masks. So their sleep masks win every time (even the ones that aren’t in British Racing Green)

(5) Can anyone be unhappy if they own a Missoni fringed crochet poncho?

For carrying everything

(1) The Backpacks are beautiful and you can personalize them too… but STATE is the kind of company that speak the Rothschild Safaris community value language. With every back pack sold they hand-deliver a backpack packed with essentials to an American child in need.

(2) Stella McCartney’s signature Stella Star is made from soft Alter-Nappa with a laser cut quilted star design and brushed gold star hardware.

(3) We are crazy for the G-RO. You can order one with a tracker and charging stations. What more could one want?

(4) Keep all your spare change in one place and ready for your UNICEF collection in this adorable elephant charm coin purse from Loewe.

For the ones you worry about

(1) These ain’t your Mama’s compression socks! The VIM & VIGR brand set out to make fun fashion statements that will stand out in a crowd but also stand up to too much sitting or standing or anything else the daily grind wants to throw at you.

(2) Know someone who has to stretch it out to survive? Buy them this extra-long, thick, foldable Khataland YoFoMat.

(3) Because germs love travelling the Travelers Protection Balm will help you keep the good in and the bad out. With potent anti-viral Ravensara Oil from Madagascar and expectorant Eucalyptus Radiata to relieve congestion.

(4) The Hagen Connected is a smart watch in the body of a classic watch. Keep on track by connecting it to Android™ or iPhone® and the SKAGEN app.

(5) For girls who feel the cold this Cynthia Rowley heart Emblem wetsuit will warm more than only the cockles.

(6) For anyone who wouldn’t love Number 5 but need extra protection Patagonia does more to look after the environment than most.

For gifts that last all year

(1) Book of the Month Clever editors pick five books and then your traveler picks one. What to read will be one problem they won’t have.

(2) The Bouqs I don’t want monthly flowers said no one. Ever.

(3) Bitsbox Because life is too short to worry about how much time kids spend on computers these days. Relax knowing they are learning to code instead.

(4) Try the world Taste buds can stay at home and still travel…

(5) Scratch off the World Map for your travelers to keep track of all their travels

For just in case

Buy one or buy a box. Made of Mao bamboo (the fastest growing plant on earth), it’s super-sustainable, not to mention biodegradable. The bristles are soft and brilliantly effective. They can take it home after the sleepover… it only needs to be replaced every 3 – 4 months.