While most visitors to South Africa come seeking tours of Kruger National Park, Cape Town, the Winelands, Robben Island and the Garden Route, there is a lesser known, but just as spectacular, set of attractions in South Africa that certainly warrants a visit. South Africa is home to huge networks of caves, in which you can spend hours, or even days, exploring. While there are many, many networks of caves in South Africa that you can explore, the following are some of the most notable that shouldn’t be missed:

The Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site

The region of the world where humankind is known to have its oldest roots, this site is home to a complex network of limestone caves, including the Sterkfontein Caves.  This site also features a variety of ancient fossils of direct ancestors to modern human beings.

Cango Caves

Among the most popular caves in South Africa, these are conveniently located close to the Garden Route.  These caves feature grand limestone formations, spectacular limestone halls and some rather small passages, all accessible on either the Standard Tour or the Adventure Tour.

Sudwala Caves

Located in the Mpumalanga region, these caves are less frequently visited, but definitely worth the trip.  The caves formed about 240 million years ago, making them the oldest known caves in the world, and feature a number of calcium structures throughout. The Crystal Tour takes visitors 2000 meters deep into the caves, culminating in a crystal chamber bearing aragonite crystals.

Echo Caves

Also located in the Mpumalanga region, these caves were discovered in the 1920s by a farmer whose cattle kept mysteriously disappearing. What he found was a network of caves more than 40 kilometers long that has the ability to carry sound all the way through.  Guided tours through 2 kilometers of tunnels featuring impressive stalagmites and stalactites are available in these least well known, and thus lesser-visited, set of limestone caves.

South Africa is a dream destination, as it boasts opportunities to visit vast regions home to plentiful wildlife and game, as well as plenty to do beyond the bush. Add a caving safari for a well-rounded exploration of this splendid country. Contact Rothschild Safaris today at (800) 405-9463 to set up your own adventure beyond the bush!