You have something to say…

and we have 11 ideas for you to improve your chances of achieving the reply you want to hear.


The wild proposal

  1. Take a helicopter flight over the Okavango Delta
  2. Land on a private island stocked with champagne decked out for a very special picnic and surrounded by wilderness.
  3. Arrange a time that will suit you for your pickup.


The floating proposal

Propose over dinner on a floating Sampan while an African choir floats by on a canoe.


The hot air proposal

Take an exclusive hot air balloon ride over the migrating herds of the Masai Mara. Just the two of you (and your pilot!), followed by a small champagne party as you land, complete with an incredible hot breakfast.


The equine proposal

For the equine lover lovers. A horseback safari through the wilderness ending at a private spot that has been prepared with lovely food and great champagne should guarantee a Yes!


The sweet proposal

You could go for the traditional option and arrange for a group of dancing and singing locals to surround you and present your loved one with an African cake before you pop onto your knee to propose.


The private proposal

A private bush dinner can be arranged under the Milky Way in many of our Safari spots.


The very private proposal

Take a helicopter to one of the most remote regions of northern Kenya where you will land on the top of a desolate rock surrounded only by wilderness.


The exciting proposal

A romance between two adrenaline junkies? Raft the white rapids of the Zambezi River before proposing with a ring that your guide has arranged to wait for you on the other end.


The local proposal

Keep it all very local by spending a night in an African village and proposing during a traditional ceremony performed in your honor.


The cultured proposal

How does a leisurely lunch, accompanied by incredible wine from some of the most fabulous wineries in all of the Cape sound?


The scary proposal

Does anything say “I can’t imagine life without you” quite like diving with sharks?

 Images via David Minty, Wikimedia Commons, Christopher Jensen, Wikimedia CommonsEsther TuttleAni KolleshiIsaiah BekkersJonathan Safa, Pixabay, Adobe Stock