We understand that even though the accommodations will be chosen perfectly to fit your needs, it’s the little things you encounter along the journey that you will truly never forget. Here are the 10 reasons you will want to book with us  

Been there, done that

Our accommodation recommendations are personally hand-picked by us. We don’t own the properties which is to our clients advantage. Our designers, therefore, have the flexibility to work with you on finding the very best accommodations to suit your style and budget rather than trying to fill our bed nights. We spend months on the ground. Weat, sleep, drink, discover new experiences and meet the people who will be taking care of youThis alone sets us apart from the herd! 

We are well-connected

Not only do we provide what you ask for, we inevitably offer more. Sometimes we get a little too excited. Its just in our natureWe often reach out to our contacts on the ground to suggest something interesting, unusual or exclusive – some insider experiences. We will introduce you to places others might miss. This is what we love. You are free to say no. We don’t mind. Our goal is to ensure that no stone has been left unturned. 

All our trips are bespoke

We only book custom trips. Ntwo trips are the same. We don’t mind how many alterations to your ideal itinerary we have to make: we want it to be just perfect and will not stop until it is 100%. 

Full of choices

Unique experiences are what we specialize in. We love challenges and nothing is impossible. Just tell us what you want and we will make it happen.  

We have you covered

You can travel with the utmost freedom, knowing that we have your back with our 24/7 service. No matter where you are going or what concern you may have, its comforting to know you can reach out and we will be there to get things back on track if necessary. 

Financially stable

Rothschild Safaris has been around for 22 years. Over that time, we have had to deal with all the global calamities you could think of and its made us stronger and better at what we do. We look forward to the next 22 years. 

It’s the little things

We love nothing more than including little surprises along the way in our clients trips. And we love keeping it a secret! 

We are flexible

Once your trip is booked, if you wish to make a change here or there, add more travelers, visit a remote island, jam with a rock band just ask us. Nothing is too much trouble. 

It’s about the wildlife + people

The travel industry plays a critical role in promoting responsible travel.  We work with companies that have the primary mission of preserving and protecting the communities, land and wildlife of their regions and in their care.  


Upon booking with us, we will send you a safari pack which includes your full itinerary, travel tips, medical information and more. We make restaurant reservations, and are always available for questions before, during and after your travels.