Magical Morocco Safari

Your Morocco safari will start at the La Sultana, Oualidia on the coast of Morocco. Surf lessons,… Read more

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17 Days

Morocco Immersion

Your Morocco Safari starts in Casablanca. The next morning you drive to Meknes and start immersing yourself… Read more

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12 Days

Why Morocco

Morocco combines the best of ancient yet flourishing Imperial cities with the magic of the desert and spectacular mountain vistas with idyllic beaches. Delve into the deep history and vibrant culture of the Imperial Cities. Find yourself in the tranquility of the Sahara. Breathe the fresh air of the oasis. Explore mystical Berber villages, and take in the scenery of spectacular gorges and serene dunes.

Where to Go

Casablanca – Dramatically perched over the Atlantic Ocean, Casablanca is a gem of religious architecture, subtly mixing Moroccan tradition with state-of-the-art technology. Home to the majestic Hassan II Mosque, the largest mosque outside of Mecca and the third largest religious monument in the world.

Atlas Mountains – Long the province of the Berber tribes that fiercely resisted all efforts at external governance, the High Atlas and its way of life remain for the most part undisturbed by modernity as the majority of the population still live in remote earthen villages. It’s the largest mountain chain in Africa and divides the fertile coastal regions of Morocco from the desert interior.

Marrakech – Morocco’s second oldest imperial city retains the splendor of its ancient past. From the remarkable Bahia Palace that dates to the days of the harem, the Koutoubia Mosque that dominates the landscape of the 9th century walled medina, to the spice-filled air of the bustling souk, unchanged for over 1000 years, and the legendary square, Djemaa el Fna, a UNESCO World Heritage site that hums and pulsates day and night with mystery and magic.

Sahara Desert – A mystical landscape best explored as you ride on camelback, led by a Bedouin guide. Full of nomad families and Touaregs, who are known as the “Blue People” for the indigo dye of their robes.

Fez – The holiest city in the Islamic world after Mecca and Medina and the best surviving example of an ancient Arab city. Founded at the beginning of the 9th century, this enchanting city has since been a seat of government, philosophy, medicine and religion.

When to Go

With a Mediterranean climate – plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures any time of year is a good one to visit Morocco. However, there are extreme temperature changes in the desert and mountains when evenings can get chilly.

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