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Before & After Stories From Our Clients

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DAYLE & BRAD | Tanzania & Zambia


This was our third Safari with Rothschild. This trip was an intentional revisiting of our two favorite countries, Tanzania and Zambia, with one new and one favorite camp in each country.

As has always been the case, our adventure planning was a complete joy and a shared process with the Rothschild team. One detail that always impresses us is how well the various stages of each trip are executed. Someone is always at the airport to meet us and move us through the necessary steps as well as making us feel welcome. The air travel is also managed extremely well with lots of help and support.


We travel to experience nature and the people native to the areas we are visiting. Rothschild’s staff selects camps and destinations that allow us to focus on those priorities. Since they visit the camps they suggest, they have first-hand knowledge of a camp’s strengths. They do such a complete job of setting our trips up with every detail, we are able to focus 100% on the adventure.

An African Safari is a major trip in every way, and for many people a bit outside their comfort zone. You want to take a trip like this with complete confidence that you are safe and virtually guaranteed to have one of the most remarkable experiences of your life. Rothschild has come as close to perfect on all three of our trips. 

ROB & ALICIA | Botswana & Mozambique


I was turned onto Rothschild Safaris eight or nine years back in a magazine that ranked them highly amongst the shorter list of proper safari operators at the time. It was a great decision and they’ve lived up to the accolades. I’ve remained a client and have booked additional trips because of the people first and foremost. There isn’t the turnover that you might expect in the travel industry either so you develop a relationship with their agents and the extended team. They know their stuff bottomline and they’ll figure out a way to execute on the itinerary you want.


I would recommend Rothschild Safaris to anyone. They just know their stuff and they go above and beyond for their clients. The consultants have an intricate knowledge of almost any property you could inquire about. They also have boots on the ground visiting camps and lodges so you’re not surprised by anything upon arrival, to the best of their ability. The communication is always easy and they have support personnel in different countries that are only a text message away.

Lioness on a luxury game drive in Botswana
Lion cub in the Okavango Delta, Botswana
Elephant bathing in the Okavango Delta Bostwana
Close-up of lion on the Okavango Delta
African painted dog (wild dog) in Botswana
Lioness and cub on a luxury Botswana safari
Water buffalo in Botswana's Okavango Delta
The watchful eyes of lionesses scan the Okavango Delta, Africa
Sunset over the Okavango Delta with a herd of grazing buffalo
Vilankulos with a traditional fishing boat on the beach in Mozambique
Neil & Janne 4
Neil & Janne 5
Neil & Janne
Neil & Janne 3
Neil & Janne 2

NEIL & JANNE | Botswana & Namibia


We discovered Rothschild Safaris purely by accident when searching on the web. It’s the best accident we have ever encountered.

The assistance with planning and their local knowledge of Botswana was exceptional.

Their advice was invaluable is helping us plan and execute one of the most memorable holidays we have ever had.


We had no hesitation in asking Rothschild Safaris with their help with planning our second trip to Africa. Rothschild’s was our default choice travel company for our subsequent trip to Africa in 2022 when we holidayed in Namibia. 

Sensational company and sensational country.

CHRIS & ANDREA | Botswana, Zimbabwe & South Africa


When we started reaching out [to safari companies] the rest were cookie-cutter responses and not really interested in us as people, they just wanted our business. Our Travel Designer asked questions about us and we had lovely chats before we even got down to the planning part. Working and designing our trip with our Travel Designer was incredible – she was so knowledgeable, listened to us and gave us a variety of options that fit our budget and what we wanted to experience.


Start to finish, Rothschild Safaris cared about us and our trip, it was a very personable and personal experience. We felt that our itinerary was made for us alone. The whole process was just excellent, we felt we could always reach out for everything. For something so huge we felt like you guys nailed it in making it seem so easy; nothing was ever too much trouble. 

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JUNE & CHARLES | Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania & Uganda


I did a lot of online research and reading comments and reviews. I had narrowed it down to Rothschild Safaris and one other and after our talk with our Travel Designer, the rest is history. We felt she was knowledgeable, made good recommendations and listened to us without simply pushing us on certain things. 


Africa is not as far away, unsafe or unhealthy as most Americans might think. We felt safe, welcomed and so well taken care of. Seeing animals in a zoo cannot be compared to animals in their natural habitat. The whole experience was far more profound than I had expected and far less challenging than I thought it would be. 

TIM & HOPE | India & Nepal


We contacted Rothschild Safaris with the open statement, “We’d like to travel to Northern India and Nepal.” It seemed like the next day, our Travel Designer was on the phone with us asking what we wanted to see and do. To tell you the truth, we weren’t really sure, Taj Mahal, Safari to see tigers, Kathmandu… And before we knew it, she was back in touch with a perfect 14-day tour for us. 


Traveling with Rothschild Safaris is like a dream come true. Every single detail is taken care of, you arrive at your destination, are whisked away and the adventures begin. Every morning our guides and drivers met us and whisked us away to bazaars, temples, palaces. The Taj Mahal was a very early morning experience, before sunrise, but so worth it. Our Safari was just about the luckiest we could imagine. People want to see the Elusive Three: tigers, leopards and sloth bears. We saw them all, plus so many other animals.