Leora Rothschild


Leora, a native South African, knows how to live life to the fullest! She founded Rothschild Safaris in 1998, following her dream of sharing the Africa she loves with others.

Growing up in Africa, some of her favorite memories include a camping trip in Kruger National Park. “There was nothing fancy about that trip, we ate our meals around a bush fire and slept on the ground. It was wonderful. During the day we walked for miles, coming close to lions on foot. I still recall that feeling of panic on my moms face!”

Travel today has changed since then- we often now will incorporate rooms with private plunge pools, and sleeping on the floor isn’t really a part of our trips. While the accommodations have gotten better, the flame that started this all is still very much alive and drives how we construct trips for our travellers. Leora often adds final little touches on Rothschild Safaris trips and as much as possible ensures all our safari specialists incorporate a taste of the wild Africa she knew as a child. This is one of many aspects that makes Rothschild Safaris so unique.

Leora believes that to know a destination well, you need to know more than the camp or hotel which may be the little nearby shops, the local artists, and community. “You need to know the right people, because when you need something to happen quickly you better know who to call!” A great travel company keeps a finger on the pulse of destinations and spend several months of every year travelling, building those relationships and keeping up to date.

“Every day we are inspired to show the incredible beauty of this world to our travellers. I work with such an amazing team of professional women trip designers, not a day passes where I don’t feel blessed to be surrounded by all these wonderful professionals who share my passion for travel.”

When Leora is not on the road vetting out new destinations she enjoys her time split between the USA and Australia, spending time with her family, and working on exciting new challenges.

Leora’s expertise has earned her a place in the Travel + Leisure A-List multiple years.

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