Elsabé Coetzee

Regional Assistant Manager

What does Elsabé have in common with Hugh Jackman, Ruby Rose, Mia Farrow and Jens Voigt?

Other than the obvious (general gorgeousness, worldwide fame, astounding fortunes and impossible schedules) they all Geocache.

If you aren’t familiar with the activity Elsabé—and her Hollywood mates—think you should make haste to get with the program. It is a worldwide treasure hunt that uses an app to locate small items. The ultimate, never ending ‘get some stuff, leave some stuff’ game.

Elsabé’s favourite caches are the ‘travelbugs’ that are moving treasures which can be picked up in one part of the world and moved to another… because if she can have her way she will forever be discovering new places and people.

The only way to improve on that scenario would be by adding a couple of dogs to the mix!

There are 2.5 million geocaches hidden on earth but we challenge Elsabé to this one. (And because we happen to know that she is impossibly addicted to people pleasing we are checking our feed daily!)

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